The GPS navigation system in Helishot Other features of helicopters or quadcopters include their navigation and positioning systems, which play an important role in controlling and identifying a better position to capture more accurate images. For example, you take photos in mountainous areas with good visibility. You don’t have a heli-shot of your surroundings and […]

Why is the representation of women important?

Why is the representation of women important? What is more important than gender is the preservation and continuation of the family system as the first educational institution in its correct form. The importance of gender in general and women in particular is formed from the fact that one of the main roles in the family […]

Hollywood movie industry

Hollywood movie industry American cinema is one of the most important film industries in the world. This cinema is considered one of the richest national cinemas in the world, not only in terms of industrial and technical capabilities but also in terms of diversity of genres, styles and trends. American cinema has had a significant […]

Charlie Chaplin

Sir Charles Spencer Chaplin was a famous British filmmaker. Charles Chaplin is often known as Charlie Chaplin. Charlie Chaplin’s name is used in this article to make it easier for the reader to read the text. This claim was made when 40 years after Chaplin’s death, his family found a letter from him, in which […]

The first color film in the history of Iranian cinema

It had been 5 years since the first Lumière brothers’ films were shown at the Grand Cafe in Paris (December 28, 1895) when Muzaffaruddin Shah, during his first trip to Europe on July 17, 1279, in Contraxville, France, got acquainted with the “cinematograph” phenomenon. He immediately prepared its equipment for One of the citizens, Mirza […]

The firsts of Iranian cinema

The first of Iranian cinema The first Iranian cinematographer: Mirza Ebrahim Khan Bashi photographer (1279) The first Iranian cinema: Grand Cinema (1305) The first Iranian silent film: Abhi and Robi, Evans Oganians (1309) •    The first Iranian talking film: Dokhtar Ler, Ardeshir Irani (1312) •    The first Farsi dubbing film: The Runaway Girl, Ismail Kushan […]

Theater art

Create everything with cinematic lighting principles!   When we talk about cinema, Noor gets more respect and closeness. Because this apparently simple tool has all the emotions of the audience in its hands. In cinema, lighting indicates which props or elements of the scene should be seen the most. From what angle does the audience […]

Al Pacino

Biography of Al Pacino: Al Pacino, whose full name is Alfredo James Pacino, born on April 25, 1940, is one of the most prominent actors in the movie industry, who gained fame by playing in the movie The Godfather. As a child, he was fond of imitating the voice and acting of movie characters. A […]


Dance is one of the successful branches of art that many enter to show their talents in this field, although it can be said that it is a money-making field, those who usually enter this field mostly because of their interest and to see their talent. This field. Experience has shown that those interested in […]


  The producer plays an important role in the cinema, theater, radio and television industry. Your main work as a producer is related to the practical and commercial part of the project, and you are responsible for preparing the tools and conditions required by the director and actors, and the director and actors deal with […]

The art of cinema

Why is the art of cinema considered the art of the 20th century? Why is this field of art so wide and desirable? Art that is new and very dependent on the aspects of science and technology is deposited among other branches of art, and in other words, other arts can be seen in it. […]


Every cinematographer is an artist who decides how the light reaches the eyes of his audience. Its setting depends on the cinema lighting equipment. It can be said that the effect of light in cinema is more than that of still images. Because it is the light that determines how you feel about a scene, […]

The art of editing

The powerful Adobe Premiere software is software for film editing and editing that is used in most film production companies, studios, and other institutions that deal with film editing. This software allows the user to professionally edit different videos in different formats using editing facilities and technologies. Assembling all kinds of videos and creating beautiful […]

What you need to know about audio and sound recording tools

In professional movies, sometimes sound is more important than image. Imagine you are watching a movie, and tolerating some image noise or distortion even during the movie is tolerable and in most cases, it is assumed that it is intentional, but hearing a strange sound and noises in the audio. It even stops you from […]

Documentary review of Stan Lee, the creator of Marvel superheroes

  stan Lee is a simple and straightforward documentary about the creator of comic book characters. A show that came out of many ideas. Stay with Dejavo by reviewing this documentary. Documentary films can be seen as works beyond fiction films. Movies that bring special experiences to the audience and introduce them to a world […]

Camcorder specifications

Maybe you have also asked the question, what features should you pay attention to if you are going to buy a good video camera? Sometimes it is necessary to have a good video camera, because some people may not feel satisfied with the mobile phone camera. So, to be able to capture lasting and quality […]

Applications of artificial intelligence in the advertising industry

Artificial intelligence (AI) refers to the simulation of human intelligence in machines that are somehow programmed to think like humans and imitate human actions and actions. Today, artificial intelligence is used in many industries, from medicine and automotive to finance and customer service. One of the fields that has benefited a lot from artificial intelligence […]

A look at the situation of the screening of nowruz 1402

Will Gharib movie change the results of this year’s release? The special measures that were thought for the screening of Nowruz 1402 have given the people and the moviegoers a little hope so that both the people and the moviegoers can have a good experience for themselves. Of course, if this process is done accurately. […]


Definition of documentation The documentary film is one of the major branches of cinema, which is made in order to depict the real aspects of an event or place. In the beginning, when the documentary film was only made as a movie, its approach was only recording and broadcasting, but with the development of the […]

Why should we have one or more promotional videos for our collection?

If you own a business and until now your goal has been the growth and development of your business, you must have noticed that making promotional videos today has become one of the most important strategies in the world of marketing and advertising. Advertising video production is done with the aim of more interaction with […]

What is Instagram marketing and how to increase sales on Instagram

Comprehensive article on Instagram marketing Instagram marketing is a term you’ve probably heard a lot these days. Perhaps many people are still not familiar enough with this term, a term that many experts and advertising consultants consider more obligatory than Noon Shab. Instagram marketing for more sales is for managers who consider themselves obliged to […]


What do you know about stop motion? Have you ever heard of stop motion or live recording? Maybe the name stop motion is new to you, but this is a technique that you have seen many times in advertisements and on TV! What is stop motion? Stop motion (animation) is one of the old ways […]

Resume of Dejavo Studio (Dejavo Production House)

Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, says: Déjàvo, literally meaning familiarity or anticipated state, is a state of mind that a person feels after seeing a scene that he has seen before and encountered in the past. Dejavo team members The main members of Dejavo Studio since 1378 in the field of advertising and production of all […]

Use of Television advertising

Television advertising is one of the most comprehensive advertisements for various businesses and brands. Television has been the first and preferably the most popular place to display advertisements. The history of advertising on television dates back to 1941. Where Watch Bova ran a commercial for 20 seconds before the start of a baseball game in […]

How to produce content on the Internet?

Creating useful content: Generating useful content and high traffic are completely unrelated. And we should look at these two issues as an overall goal for more successful marketing. A high SEO rank will ensure that your content is not lost and exposes it to readers. Using keywords and black hat SEO techniques will lead to […]

Producing and making short clips for virtual space

Making an Instagram clip Today, the stock market of social networks is growing, and the increase in their use is significantly high. In our beloved country of Iran, the use of Telegram and Instagram social networks is so high that according to the statistics of people who have a smartphone, they spend 10% of their […]

Advertising is something you should definitely do!

Advertising costs money, but without advertising, you cannot have sales, so to increase sales, you must look for effective advertising. A successful advertisement can promote your business in the mind and subconscious of the audience. Every employer is looking for an advertisement that has the highest efficiency with the lowest possible cost. This is the […]

Production and manufacturing of all kinds of industrial teasers

Special industrial film production services (production of an industrial teaser) by Dejavo Studio, designer and producer of various teasers and industrial films with a different approach, brings a different future for your brand and name. Production and manufacturing of industrial teasers Our goal is to show the best and most appropriate video report for all […]

Ten absolutely effective ways to not achieve your goals in life

Ten effective ways to achieve life goals   Ten key and effective ways to not reach your goals in life: 1. Always be confused about what you want. You don’t know exactly what you want and what you are looking for and how you should organize yourself. 2. Don’t tell anyone about your dreams for […]

Making all kinds of industrial and commercial films

The owners of goods, services, industries, and all types of producers, in addition to their advertising activities (radio, television, environmental advertising, print media, etc.), always need to introduce organizations, companies, factories, commercial complexes, and comprehensive introduction. to corporate films. From services, products for customers, sales representatives, employers, product and service marketing in target markets, exhibitions, […]

Claude C. Hopkins; A unique surprise in the world of advertising

Claude C. Hopkins Claude C. Hopkins was born in 1867 in America in difficult economic conditions. The hardships of the times, on the one hand, and the influence of parents’ thoughts and behavior, on the other hand, played a significant role in the formation of the humble and adaptable character of Hopkins. کلود هاپکینز اعجوبه […]

Important points in advertising

Responsibility of advertising agencies Advertising Agency Proper understanding of advertising or even teaching its principles and basics must begin with the correct view, advertising is a sales technique. Its principles are the principles of sales techniques. Successes and failures in these two fields arise for similar reasons. Therefore, every advertising question must be answered according […]

The effect of advertising and its effect on the mind of the audience

At first glance, if we want to divide the advertising industry activists into two general parts, it should be said that the first part includes buyers and consumers (that is, most of us) and the second part also includes commercial companies. In other words, advertisers. اثرگذاری تبلیغات و تاثیر آن بر ذهن  Most of us […]

A detailed look at specialized advertising media (mass media advertising)

– TV, radio Television has been one of the most effective media in human history. A media that increases its audience day by day (of course, according to the productions of that network) and gives wide access to businesses. Television with a high penetration rate is the most popular media in the country and the […]

Choosing the ad title and its effects on sales

What are the characteristics of the title and headline of the best-selling ads? Below are eight titles that have been tested many times and have led to the sale of billions of dollars in goods and services. Study them carefully, apply them and then try to create your own unique method and suitable idea. . […]

Advertising laws in marketing

Advertising laws in marketing   1- There is no universal law or formula for advertising. with the difference that advertising plays an essential role. قوانین تبلیغات در مارکتینگ و بازاریابی 2- Propaganda, like thinking, is a secondary human nature. 3- Advertising is the intelligent instinctive response of humans or brands In a highly competitive environment, […]

Definition of advertising companies

Definition of advertising companies Advertising firms are actually service-based businesses dedicated to creating, planning, and coordinating advertising and other forms of product promotion and marketing for a client. An advertising company can have a general sales and branding strategy for the client and bring him promotion and development. The clients of an advertising company include […]

Several important principles for creating and producing effective and lasting advertisements

An effective advertisement should first attract the attention of the audience and then make them interested in the product. Then increase his desire to pursue the matter And finally, this effective advertisement will sell the desired product, service, or idea. In making an effective advertisement, the following five basic and inseparable principles should be considered: […]