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If you own a business and until now your goal has been the growth and development of your business, you must have noticed that making promotional videos today has become one of the most important strategies in the world of marketing and advertising.

Advertising video production is done with the aim of more interaction with users, and with this method, you can have a greater role in people’s lives.
In the age of technology and digital, advertising videos are presented to viewers in different formats.

With the expansion of the internet platform around the world as well as numerous media and social networks, it can be safely said that we humans today live in the age of information and data.
Currently, one of the most important methods of message transmission is video production and its distribution in these media.

چرا باید یک یا چند ویدئوی تبلیغاتی برای مجموعه خود داشته باشیم

Videos, films, or clips produced for various purposes, including entertainment, education, advertising, etc., reach the stage of production and distribution.
Some of these clips have a story and others provide the viewer with explanations about the product and its uses and how to use it.

The importance of creating a promotional video in today’s competitive marketing world can never be underestimated.
Success and good ratings always belong to those who, along with their good products and services, also have good and unique content in mind for their audience and customers.

We should know that the impact of video on the audience is much greater than any other method of advertising.
To understand the value of advertising video, it is enough to look at the marketing market and various advertising media around us.

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What is a promotional video?

In fact, advertising clips are a trick to show products and services to users.
This clip can be presented to the audience in different formats, among the most popular of which we can mention humorous films and clips that we see a lot in the field of advertising and entertainment today.

For example, many social media pages like Instagram first attract a large audience by producing funny and entertaining video content.
Then these pages gradually start promoting and showing different products etc. among their entertaining videos.

This type of advertisement is one of the most effective video advertisements to be seen and influence the mind of the audience.
Beware of these types of entertaining videos that are often accompanied by advertisements.
They are seen more and more on the internet and social networks.

So some people are smart in the advertising market and do it themselves.
By working in these media and creating content and attractive videos in the form of education, advertising, and entertainment, they are first seen and then draw the audience to their brand.

In some advertising videos, the topic of the clip is first shown in an attractive way, and at the end, the viewer realizes that it is an advertisement.
Also, your video can be in the form of an attractive teaser.

In fact, by making an advertising teaser, your hand is opened to convey the advertising message in a beautiful and eye-catching format like the common examples of small and large brands.
You can communicate with your viewer and audience by using different visual aspects in a promotional video and take a step forward in building trust in your brand.

Advantages of advertising videos

Various aspects can be mentioned from the series of important advantages in making advertising films.
One of the most important advantages of making a video is that you can visualize many things in your mind in the image you present.

You can subtly display your logo when creating a promotional teaser.
With this method, the viewer remembers this logo without realizing it and remembers it forever, and this method has a great impact on branding.

Also, you can register your name and brand in the mind of the audience with a poem and sound and even a special moment and image. Among other important and practical advantages of advertising videos, the following can be mentioned:

Making a video to introduce the product

Making a promotional video is a very effective way to familiarize your audience with the products and services you offer.
Today, customers are looking for the fastest possible way to access the product information and services they need.

Your target audience and customer can get 0 to 100 specifications of the desired product in one video.

By making a video about your product, in addition to promoting it directly, you can talk about its specifications, benefits, and even how to use it.

Increasing popularity

As we mentioned, today your internet and social media audience is looking for video content for convenience and time saving.

Making a creative promotional video will make you more popular than before and users will have more influence in this way.

Your audience and customer today is very smart and acts intelligently.

They understand very well that by creating unique visual content, your brand adds value to the audience.

In fact, you have made the conditions and platform easier for your users and customers.

This respect and appreciation is completely mutual and then your audience will follow you and see you more and increase your popularity.

Customer engagement growth rate

Interaction with customers is one of the most important factors in keeping a business alive and up to date.

By using promotional videos, you can interact more with your customers and increase your credibility.

In fact, by increasing the popularity and trust of your brand, the way to interact with the customer opens up more and more.

As long as the audience is with you and always waiting for the release of your new product video and future services.

The secret of the success of many different brands such as Digikala is to create content in line with the convenience of the user and increase the interaction rate with the audience.

The importance of making a promotional video

In general, we must say that nowadays people are looking for the easiest way and prefer to watch videos instead of reading long texts.
Because of this, clips can easily convey advertising messages to viewers.

In fact, promotional videos are an effective solution for better visibility of your products and services.

You should keep this in mind if your site or social network does not have appropriate teasers or video content, you will probably fall behind your competitors. There is also an important point about making your promotional video and teaser.
Remember that along with quality, creativity always comes first in making a promotional video.
In fact, if an advertisement uses more creativity in making its advertisement video, it will have a high response.

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Teaching strategies and important tips for making advertising films

How to make an effective advertising video??

Knowing the target market

Know your target market well

It is very important to know who you are going to create a promotional video for.

First, you need to know the age group, gender, and generally the type of your audience and start making advertising clips based on that.
For example, if your products are for teenagers, make a very serious and dry clip
You definitely won’t get any feedback from your audience
For this reason, before making an advertising clip, first, know your audience completely so that you can make a video according to their taste and needs.

You certainly know the market for your goods or services, but you can learn more about your audience’s tastes
First, follow successful examples near you and analyze the feedback of your target market about the type of video and content.

Pay attention to the type of service

Every campaign follows a goal when creating a promotional video.
In addition to the time required to make a video, it will also cost a lot
For this reason, before you start creating your ad teaser, you need to ask yourself what the user is going to do.

Does he intend to buy the product? Or do you receive services? Or should I download a file? And such questions

When someone watches your advertising teaser, they should know exactly what the purpose of this teaser is and what the user is supposed to do.

Once you have determined all the details of the promotional video for your type of service,
You’ve laid a good foundation before creating your promotional video.
A successful advertisement is always transparent with its audience and does not mislead the audience


Deliver your message clearly to the customer

We only mentioned the confusion of the audience in knowing the type of service.
Some advertising clips are made in such an incomprehensible way that even after watching these clips to the end, users will not understand what services are in this clip and will not have any feedback.

For this reason, the scenario of the film must be strong and convey the advertising message to the customer in a completely creative way.

The promotional video should be made in such a way that the viewer is attracted to your product or service without realizing it.

In fact, the viewer should be encouraged in this video to use your services or buy your products.

Advertising storyboard design

An attractive advertising scenario or script to sell products and services

Designing a regular and specific storyboard will help you know what you are going to do.
In other words, storyboards define the filming process and production steps of your advertising scenario.

Currently, companies that work professionally in the field of making promotional teasers must design a storyboard for themselves before starting filming.

Also, when your advertising video is in the form of animation or you have gone to the creation of motion graphics for advertising, it can be seen that all the design stages proceed from the initial storyline and storyboard.

Also, by using storyboards, you can show the client that your teaser is going to be made in a certain way, and in addition, during filming, you know exactly what and from what angle you should film.

Have a plan

Nothing works without planning. Planning is very important in making an advertising clip.

You really need to know what you’re going to do so you don’t get confused while filming.

If you have proper planning for your photography day, you will definitely succeed in your work.

This planning must be completely principled and calculated in order to have a favorable result.

Designing and planning in advance will greatly advance the timeline of making your promotional video.

You can get help from your group to plan the shooting day and film production stages. why with

ید یک یا چند ویدئوی تبلیغاتی 

Pay attention to the important points of filming your promotional video

Go to the location before filming

If your advertising video is going to be made in large dimensions and in real (non-animated) form, be sure to know the shooting location and environment well.

Visiting the filming location will give you a more open view so that you can write the best scenario and choose the most suitable angle for your film.

For example, if your location is outdoors, you should check the angle of the sun and the surrounding scenery to make better decisions about how to shoot and the angles.

Usually, people who are more successful in the field of making promotional teasers never underestimate the importance of location and value it a lot.

For example, in making an industrial film of a factory or a large production complex, the details of the filming location and showing the equipment and facilities of that environment are always very important.

Pay attention to the lights

Playing with lights is one of the methods that professional videographers use to create many stories, that’s why lighting is very important in marketing videos.

If your location is in an open space, you can use natural lights
But if your location is in a closed space, you can use ready-made lights
And if you don’t have access to your own lighting equipment, be creative and do the lighting with ordinary tools like your phone’s flashlight.

Do not pay too much attention to the equipment چرا باید یک یا چند ویدئوی 

Some people think that expensive equipment is definitely needed to make promotional teasers
If this idea is completely wrong and if you have the expertise and experience in this work, you can produce extremely attractive clips with a simple phone.

Some people get so involved with the equipment from the very beginning that they stay away from other issues.
As a result, what makes a promotional video attractive is the attractive scenario of the video, not the ultra-advanced equipment behind the scenes.

Many successful commercials in the form of professional teasers have been filmed and photographed by a mobile camera.

On the other hand, if you want to look for professional and cinematic hardware for filming, the cost of producing your advertising video will increase significantly.

Our suggestion is that instead of equipment, spend your time, money, and energy on designing and making video software.

چرا باید یک یا چند ویدئوی تبلیغاتی

Promotional videos should be short and effective

Never increase the time of the advertising video

You should do your best to convey your concept to the audience in a short period of time.

Research has proven that long clips don’t respond well and bore the audience, so make the teaser as short as possible.

Statistics show that clips only take 1-2 minutes to attract users.
The beginning of your promotional video is also extremely important and effective so that if the beginning of the video has no attraction for the audience, the viewer will close your clip and skip it.

As a result, you should use attractive elements from the very beginning to attract the audience in the first seconds and draw them towards you during the video.

Be aware that today’s marketing world is very competitive because the competition is about seconds. So try to speak in the ideal format and in the shortest possible time.

را باید یک یا چند ویدئوی تبلیغاتی 

Include links in the video

Your whole purpose in creating and publishing a video is for the audience to eventually connect with you.

Therefore, it is better to provide the customer with a list of product types and communication channels (Call to Action) for purchasing the product.

So that if the customer wants to use your services or buy your products, he can reach you easily.

Placing contact numbers and other means of communication in advertising videos depends on the taste and measures of each person.
Some people tend to put this information in the form of subtitles at the bottom of the video, and others provide this information to users at the end of the video. Why should it have one or more promotional videos?

Our suggestion is to use the SMS system in addition to the contact number of the collection.
You can use the SMS system in your advertising video so that the target audience has the fastest way of communication in the shortest time.

For example, in your promotional video, you want your viewers to submit #1 for an order or #2 for advice and guidance.

One of the advantages of the SMS system is to collect information and list the contact numbers of the target customers of your goods and services.
Later you can approach them with new strategies and offer them your services. Evil

ا باید یک یا چند ویدئوی تبلیغاتی 

Adhering to the principles of editing and editing advertising videos

As we mentioned, it is better to invest in video design and software instead of the hardware part of your advertising video.
Video editing has a great impact on making advertising videos attractive.

Faradi, who is working professionally in the field of making promotional teasers, gets help from people who have enough experience and expertise in the field of editing all kinds of films to make attractive films.

Professional editing and editing includes different parts of your advertising video, such as color, light, sound, choosing the right music, special effects, etc.

The importance of advertising video compilation and editing is so great that it can increase your viewers or, on the contrary, it can decrease the feedback of the video.

Editing is the last stage of your work, which puts everything together like an attractive puzzle.

At this stage, the filmed sequences are placed next to each other, and by doing specialized work such as correcting light, color, sound, and visual effects, your video will be made in the most beautiful way possible.

In fact, your advertising video editor is like a chef who has received all the materials and is going to use them to deliver the output video to you.

That’s why we suggest that instead of spending and obsessing over hardware equipment and filming, pay attention to the design, editing, and editing part because the output of this chef’s work is placed on the customer’s table.

چرا باید یک یا چند ویدئوی تبلیغاتی 

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