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Sir Charles Spencer Chaplin was a famous British filmmaker. Charles Chaplin is often known as Charlie Chaplin. Charlie Chaplin’s name is used in this article to make it easier for the reader to read the text.

This claim was made when 40 years after Chaplin’s death, his family found a letter from him, in which Chaplin himself mentioned his birthplace in a gypsy camp near Birmingham. On the other hand, the FBI believes that Charlie Chaplin is a Jew whose real name is Israel Thorstein. The London Police Center has also claimed that there is a possibility that Charlie Chaplin was born in France. In any case, probably the most reliable hypothesis is that the artist was born in Britain. Charlie’s parents were an actor and singer couple living in London. Charlie Chaplin married four women during his lifetime: Mildred Harris, Lita Gray, Paute Goddard, and Oona O’Neill. His last marriage is considered the longest of his life together.

Time magazine named Charlie Chaplin as one of the “100 most influential people of the 20th century”.

Charlie Chaplin first stepped on the stage at the age of 12, and after a few performances, the first traces of a professional career were found in Charlie. Chaplin started his career as a comedian. He traveled to America in 1910 to perform a show with Fred Carnot. After appearing in America, this actor attracted the attention of American viewers. He received his first offer to act in a film in 1912. This was the point of Charlie Chaplin’s entry into cinema. Charlie officially went in front of the camera a year later and signed a contract with Keystone with a weekly salary of $150.

Andrew Sarris: Undoubtedly, Chaplin is the only and most important artist in the history of cinema

Charlie Chaplin in 1923 along with Mary Pickford, Douglas Fairbanks, and D. W. Griffith formed the United Artists Corporation. A very important point about Charlie Chaplin’s presence in this company was his selection compared to the past. Charlie Chaplin in his previous collaborations with different companies, for example, “Mutual” company produced 12 films in 18 months. According to some sources, Charlie Emma produced only 8 films in United Artists Corporation for 29 years. This incident is proof of Charlie Chaplin’s “selected work” in his collaboration with the United Artists Corporation. This excerpt of work, however, had significant results for Chaplin. During this period, he created some of the most enduring films of his career. Movies like “New Age” and “The Great Dictator”.


Charlie Chaplin has also been involved in politics throughout his life. Years ago, a senator named Joseph McCarthy included the name of Charlie Chaplin among the list of famous communists. Chaplin was in London at that time to show a movie, but when his name was placed among the communists, he was expelled from America and from January 1953 to 1972, he lived away from America and in Switzerland.

The story of Charlie Chaplin being called a communist in 1954 was exposed and turned out to be a fake. However, he returned to America in 1972 amidst the enthusiastic reception of the people. In 2012, the British Internal Intelligence Service, or MI5, announced in a report that the US government had requested that Charlie Chaplin be considered for “communist tendencies”. But, well, the department was never able to provide proof that Chaplin was connected to the Communists. Finally, it was claimed that Chaplin may have communist beliefs, but he was never radical in this regard.

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