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Hollywood movie industry

American cinema is one of the most important film industries in the world. This cinema is considered one of the richest national cinemas in the world, not only in terms of industrial and technical capabilities but also in terms of diversity of genres, styles and trends. American cinema has had a significant impact on world cinema in the 20th century. The history of American cinema can be divided into four periods:


The period of silent films
Classic Hollywood cinema
New Hollywood
Contemporary period (after 1980)

History of Hollywood cinema

The birth of American cinema

The birth of cinema can largely be attributed to America.

Thomas Edison was one of the first cinema producers to invent the motion picture device.

The film premiered in America to a large audience during a break between dance parties. The founders of these films came to America from different parts of the world and showed robberies and robberies in the form of drama films. The first American success in the cinema was the movie “The Great Train Robbery” directed by Edwin S. Porter.

The birth of Hollywood cinema

In 1910, director David Wark Griffiths was sent to the coast by the Biograph Company along with his cast. They started filming in a location near Los Angeles. This company preferred to make other films in that place and nearby areas, that place was called Hollywood.

After a while, it developed there and many studios were built there. Before World War I, many films were made in different American cities, but directors were mostly attracted to southern California.

The golden age of Hollywood cinema

Hollywood independent films

In the 1990s, American independent cinema grew so much that the following people can be named among American independent filmmakers:


Jim Jarmusch
Hal Hartley
David Lynch
Oliver Stone

Charlie Chaplin