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Responsibility of advertising agencies

Advertising Agency Proper understanding of advertising or even teaching its principles and basics must begin with the correct view, advertising is a sales technique.
Its principles are the principles of sales techniques. Successes and failures in these two fields arise for similar reasons.
Therefore, every advertising question must be answered according to sales standards. I emphasize this point.
The only purpose of advertising is to increase sales. نکات حائز اهمیت در آگهی 

Profitability or unprofitability

Profitability or lack of profit depends on the amount of sales.
Advertising is not to create a general impression, it is not to register you in people’s minds.
Not to help other sellers.
Treat it like a salesperson. Make him justify himself
Compare it with other sellers. Calculate the cost and the result.
You don’t accept a good salesperson’s excuses, don’t accept them either.
Then you won’t go far wrong.


An important task of the advertising producer is to convey the selling points to the benefits for the buyer
And the advertiser should always put himself in the place of the buyer when preparing the ad
And he should understand that he should prepare the ad from the point of view of the buyer, not from the point of view of the manufacturer of the goods that he wants to sell.
So, the first principle in preparing an ad is to win the trust of the customer with honest education

The most important principle in advertising is to emphasize the interests of the consumer.

Remember Jay Abraham’s warning when writing an ad or promotional letter. نکات حائز اهمیت در آگهی های تبلیغاتی

An advantage that people want

Keep in mind the fact that people don’t care how big you are.
All that matters to them is the specific type of advantage, benefit, service, or personal development you offer.
How will you improve their lives?
How do you make life easier for them?
Do you make them look better?
Will you make them richer?
Do they want to know how you will improve the quality, value, enjoyment, and profit in their lives?
Few marketers really understand this! People don’t care what you want!
Everything you do in advertising, marketing, and sales, should just make that point
How will you benefit your current and future customers?

How to create an ad?

The first thing to prepare a suitable ad is to collect the necessary and useful information to write the text of the ad.
The information that the advertising producer needs to obtain about the product can be obtained by answering the following seven questions:

What tools, materials, and factors are used in the final product?
What quality is it made of?
What is it used for?
How does it compare to competitors’ products?
What is the method of product identification in the store?
What is the final price of the product for the consumer?
Important facts about potential buyers?

The second case is obtaining information about the consumers of the desired product.
An advertiser can obtain information about a consumer by answering the following four questions:

Gender Is it used by men – women or both?
What age do they use more?
What is the income of the sex consumer?
Who is influential in the purchase decision?

The third thing in preparing an ad is that the producer of the ad should pay attention to the residence of the intended people because the place of residence of the people is effective in the lifestyle and consumption of the advertised product.
The fourth thing in the preparation of advertisements is the analysis of the information collected in the previous steps.
After the creator of the ad has gathered all the facts he needs and is available to him,
At that time, his duty is to see what important and effective points he uses in advertising and selling sex from the collected information.

After it is determined what topic to use in the advertisement
The time has come to determine what characteristics the message and the source of the message should have.
In short, the source of the message should have the following characteristics: Important points in advertising
Source Credibility
Appearance and physical attractiveness
Being a favorite of the audience
Meaningfulness of the source

The next thing in preparing an ad is to use advertising appeals in the advertising message.

Every advertising message uses some kind of attraction to attract the audience to the content of its message.
The most common attractions used in advertising messages
Logical attraction is in logical attraction
The advantages of the product, the product itself, its features, etc. are mentioned clearly and explicitly, and marginal issues are avoided.
The messages that show the quality, economy, usefulness, and use of goods are among the messages that use logical attractions.
The appeal of laughter and the humor of advertisements that are presented with the content of laughter,
It is one of the most famous advertisements and among the advertisements that are displayed
It is remembered and talked about more than others.


ات حائز اهمیت در آگهی های تبلیاتی

In using the appeal of laughter and humor in the preparation of advertisements, one should pay attention to the dos and don’ts.
According to advertising expert Chauvin, the dos and don’ts of advertising with humor are as follows:
A) Should

Humorous or funny content should be related to the product. At the beginning of the advertisement, introduce the audience to humor and remove it if possible.
Use humor or funny content to highlight the product’s strengths
Advertisements should be funny and not laughable, humor or funny content should be simple and understandable, and the message of laughter and the message of the advertisement should be integrated.

b) Shouldn’t

Don’t tell jokes or jokes in ads because it gets boring very quickly
Never make fun of the product because of the endings that surprise the audience.
Avoid it because it only happens once and the next time it becomes clear to the audience for the story
Humorous or funny content should not be so difficult that the audience cannot understand it easily. Important points in advertising
Humorous or funny content should not overshadow the product, even if you don’t know what attraction or teaser to use.
Don’t rush for funny ads.

Creating fear attraction in advertising

Marketers sometimes use fear appeals in advertising messages
In this way, it causes concern in the audience and provokes them to do or not do something.
Today, studies have shown that fear-inducing messages can be effective as long as the advertising expert knows how fear works.
Before using fear-based advertising, the advertising expert must understand how this type of advertising works.
To get information about its usage rate and different audience reactions to it.

Also, advertising with fear content, it has the best effect when the message contains specific recommendations or special actions for the individual.
For an ad with fear content to be effective, the ad message must include one or more of the following types of information.
This information is followed by specific instructions and advice on how to deal with or reduce fear. Important points in advertising
It should be mentioned how the observance of the mentioned principles solves the problem. Avoid giving very scary messages.
Because a lot of fear in the audience is a negative result, contrary to what the presenter of the message intended
This means that very scary messages should not be presented to audiences with low levels of awareness or low self-esteem.
The problem must be solved quickly in the ad so that the concern of the audience is quickly reduced

Moral attraction

This type of attraction relies on the audience’s understanding of whether something is right or wrong.
The moral appeal is used when the goal is to get people to support some social issues.

The next thing in preparing an ad is to choose the techniques of ad execution.

At this stage, the ad producer should focus on how to execute the ad.
In other words, he should check how the attraction intended for advertising
To depict and what technique to use to depict it.
Advertising messages or advertising appeals can be presented in different forms
Some of the most important of these techniques are given below.

the Musical

In this style, one or more people or cartoon characters are shown singing a song about a product.
The main reason for using this method is to remember and recall poems and songs, and they are easily engraved in the mind.

Provide confirmation

In this method, a friendly and reliable source is used to confirm the product.
In this regard, famous and non-famous people can be used.
Of course, viewers are more influenced by celebrities. Storytelling In this technique, the spoken part is read on the ad and the speaker is not seen.
Scientific documents are presented as documentary or research documents that show
Product brands being advertised are better or preferable to one or more other brands.

Dutke’s ad

In this way, two related ads from the same company (usually 15 seconds each) are designed that follow a related line of thought.
And when broadcast on TV between these two advertisements, a completely separate advertisement of another product from another company is broadcast.
which has nothing to do with the company and the product.
That is, in this way, the TV broadcaster is warned to play the first 15 seconds of our ad.
And after that, it puts another company’s ad, and after that, the second part of our company’s ad is played again.

Technical qualification

In this way, the company’s technical capabilities are presented in the production of goods.
The use of “technical competence” technique is often used for electrical appliances. close-ups
As such, television is primarily a medium for creating close-ups.
A close-up can be used by companies,
Restaurants that produce all kinds of cooked food and pizza shops should be used to show their food closely so that the viewer’s appetite is created.


In this technique, animated and real sequences are prepared separately and then combined.
For example, a real boy may be shown eating breakfast
And meanwhile, a cartoon animal jumps up and down on his shoulders and talks to him. compare:
In this way, your company’s products are compared with competitors’ products
And by comparing one product with another, the viewer’s questions are answered. Problem-solving in this way shows the problem-solving aspect of the product.

the speaker

In this technique, a person appears in front of the camera and directly tells the audience the content of the ad.
One may directly show the product or talk about the product and its various aspects and benefits in the image.
In this technique, it should be noted that the person speaking and presenting the advertisement must be a friendly person.
And in terms of face, it should be in such a way as to attract the trust of the audience.
Of course, this person should not overshadow the goods. Because the goal is to present the product, not the person.


In this way, the suitability of a product with lifestyle is shown.
For example, an ad for dairy products that shows men exercising at the same time.
It highlights the role of milk consumption in creating an active and healthy life
Slice of Everyday Life The slice of everyday life method is an old dramatic technique
in which the actors present a story and the user of the advertising product brand is the hero of the story.
Most ads that come with this technique start out with a problem
Finally, the promotional product brand is presented as a solution.

Animation – animated painting

Another way to present a message is to use animation
The most common form is to present it in the form of a cartoon, which seems pleasant and pleasant among children and is popular among all ages.

Series – advertising series

In this way, the advertising series is broadcast one after another in the form of an advertising campaign
And in fact, each ad follows the story that was in the previous ad.

Imagination in advertising

This style creates imagination and dreams about the product or its consumption.

Mindfulness state

In this method, a combination of several methods is used.
The main goal of this method is to create a certain mindset or spirit for the product we intend to sell.
In fact, in this style, a state or mentality is created around the product
Such as beauty, love, affection or safety, and comfort, and no words except in the form of recommendations about the product are mentioned.

The effect of advertising and its effect on the mind of the audience