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Definition of documentation

The documentary film is one of the major branches of cinema, which is made in order to depict the real aspects of an event or place.

In the beginning, when the documentary film was only made as a movie, its approach was only recording and broadcasting, but with the development of the digital media industry, many works were created and published in the form of documentary films in different categories.

Today, the documentary film is a technique of filmmaking in which the main goal is to publish content with a method of confrontation with the audience, in which this method is constantly evolving and has no boundaries.

In simpler terms, it can be said that a documentary film is a kind of storytelling.

The first step in making a documentary film is to find the topic and expand the thought, which itself leads to the two parts of discovering the story and expanding and editing the story.

The emergence of urban documentary

A documentary film shows the event that happens in front of the camera in a completely realistic way.

The key to the success of any film is to attract the audience, in documentary films, they try to attract the audience by presenting a suitable picture of the challenges of the pandemic.

There are many techniques and methods in making documentary films, one of the most common of which has made significant progress is making urban documentaries or the urban symphony.

Today, according to the progress of the tourism industry, the need to introduce the important cities of each country is one of the reasons that made the making of urban documentary films one of the priorities of every government for progress in the tourism industry.

By introducing each city in a visual form, you can clearly describe the city and the important touristic areas and investment capabilities of the city and present it to the audience.

ساخت مستند شهری
مراحل ساخت مستند شهری

Stages of Making an urban documentary film

Usually, in making a documentary, including making an urban documentary, you have to check some things and answer them.

Below we mention these items and questions:

1- What is the filmmaker’s motivation for producing this film and why does he consider it important to make it?

2- What is the filmmaker’s view on the subject and what does he want to say or what revelation does he want to pursue?

3- What is the special idea of the film?

4- How does this look or idea of the film move and in what direction does it go?

5- What are the key scenes of the movie and where do they take us?

6- Who is the audience of the film?

7- What kind of documentary will be made (direct documentary, challenging, reconstruction, experimental, propaganda,…)?

8- Who is the narrator of the film and what is his relationship with the subject and characters of the film?

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Making urban documentary (urban symphony)

In the documentary Urban Symphony, the format looks at the life flow of a city, which emphasizes all the factors of a city, such as the appearance of the city, streets, cars, green space, industrial space, people’s traffic, communications, gathering and situations that are characteristic of the same city.

This documentary actually shows a city one day. In making an urban documentary, all the above factors are taken into account, and in making it, it is tried to convey the feeling and spirit of the city to the viewer.

Making an urban documentary or an urban symphony is used to present a video to attract tourists, attract investors and introduce a city.

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