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Why is the representation of women important?

What is more important than gender is the preservation and continuation of the family system as the first educational institution in its correct form. The importance of gender in general and women in particular is formed from the fact that one of the main roles in the family system is the role of women who, ironically, in today’s world have the first educational role as mothers in the family. From the past to the present, girls and women, in addition to the indirect role they played in their society, turned to a more direct and active presence in the society and are facing more challenges. In fact, what challenges today’s teenage and young girls

Representation of women in Iranian cinema

What can be seen in the cinema today more than before is the special attention of the film crew to the issue of women. Despite the active presence of women in the cinema from the distant past to the present day, what has made today’s cinema different compared to before is that films and series are made on the subject of issues related to women. By addressing the issues related to women in Iranian society, cinema is trying to create new approaches in a way to be the ground for effective changes and transformations in the heart of society and family. According to the research conducted in today’s cinema, media agents are trying to address the issues related to women, which are tied to the wrong and wrong attitudes of anti-women, to the challenges related to women in the context of society and family;

Women in the comedy genre

What we are facing today from women in comedy cinema and home show series are different characters from women who have relatively high power. But this amount of power is manifested in different characters; What is represented in the recent series, such as Antenna series, Once Upon a Time in Mars, and movies like Dynamite and Good Bad Kitty, etc., are women who are mainly faced with men who are unable to manage the home and family, which mainly force women to insult and humiliate their men. he does. On the other hand, women are represented as unreasonable and forceful women, regardless of their right and wrong decisions, men are afraid of them and forcefully obey them only because of their gender, and in a way, men are in a position of inferiority in front of them.

Women in the social genre

Movies and social series and drama mainly portray the challenges of women’s world in the context of society and family. In films such as Ablaq, Butterfly Swimming, Cold Sweat, etc., which directly narrate the challenges related to women, despite the correct characteristics of these challenges, it somehow narrates the ultimate power in the hands of men. Women in these works mainly have characters who are trying to fight against injustices and wrong customs in the context of family and society that limit them. Or there are women whose traditional and wrong background of families and society hinders their activism and women are not able to fight in this background. The result of both groups is failure and success is in the hands of men who are supported by tradition, law and society.

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