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The powerful Adobe Premiere software is software for film editing and editing that is used in most film production companies, studios, and other institutions that deal with film editing. This software allows the user to professionally edit different videos in different formats using editing facilities and technologies. Assembling all kinds of videos and creating beautiful mixes are other features of this application, but you should know that for editing movies or teasers, subtitles, etc., it is not enough to learn the Premiere software and learn the principles of editing alone. And the art and aesthetics of editing, you can acquire the necessary skills to edit films, teasers, etc., and your perspective and level will differentiate you from an operator to an art director.

Premier software

Work environment training, software editing

Entering different sources into the software and familiarizing myself with different formats and initial settings and building the project

Getting to know Tine Line and the three stages of editing and working with sound

Familiarity with color correction and effect control

Export and output of all kinds of images

The art of editing

Generalities and principles of editing

An introduction to continuous editing

Introduction to continuous editing

Time and edit

Edit the conversation

Use of special effects in editing

What you need to know about audio and sound recording tools

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