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Definition of advertising companies

Advertising firms are actually service-based businesses dedicated to creating, planning, and coordinating advertising and other forms of product promotion and marketing for a client.
An advertising company can have a general sales and branding strategy for the client and bring him promotion and development.
The clients of an advertising company include companies, private and semi-private organizations,
Non-profit institutions and banks, insurance, and…
Service advertising companies such as TV ads, radio ads, environmental ads, online ads, all kinds of design and printing, etc.
They are offered as advertising campaigns.

History of advertising company:

The first registered and approved advertising company was William Taylor in 1786.
Another early advertising company founded by James White in 1800 in the city of London on Fleet Street, was called “Whiteball Holmes”.
In 1812, a London newspaper official founded another advertising company that could be called a family business.
which operated under the name of Raynol and Sons advertising company until 1993
And now it is part of TMP advertising company, which is a joint product of Ukraine and Ireland
which now works under the name TMP_REYNOL.

Charles Barker

Another early advertising firm that was independent until recently was the Barker Company, founded by Charles Barker
And it was active until 2008 and after the end of the government.
In 1850, a man named Palmer started the first American advertising company in Philadelphia.
This advertising company printed its advertising products in various newspapers by customers.
In 1856, Matthew Brady first introduced modern advertising.
His ads had different fonts and letters than others.


His use of more distinct and larger fonts gave a better feeling to the audience.
Later that year, Robert Bonner placed the first full-page ad in a newspaper.
In 1864, William James Carlton began selling advertising space in religious magazines.
In 1869, at the age of 20, Francis Ive founded the first full-service advertising firm in Philadelphia, N.W.
which is known as the oldest advertising company in America.

James Walter Thompson

تعریفی از شرکت های تبلیغاتی
In 1868, a person named James Walter Thompson later became the best salesman in his field.
He joined the Carlton Advertising Company, bought the entire company in 1877, and renamed it the James Walter Thompson Advertising Company.
By hiring writers and creative artists and forming a think tank, he tried to expand advertising spaces and provide advanced services for advertisers.
His efforts led him to be referred to as the “Father of Modern Advertising Magazines” in the United States.

Global advertising companies:

بهترین کانون تبلیغاتی

The globalization of advertising began in the early days of the 20th century.
Advertising companies started working before World War II
They opened other branches abroad and accelerated their globalization in the second half of the 20th century.
In 1902, McKean Erickson opened an advertising firm in New York City
After that in 1927 an advertising center in Europe,
It was established in 1935 in South America and in 1959 in Australia.

Advertising centers

Advertising agencies such as Walter Thompson have adopted strategies to expand their offering of advertising services.
In the 1960s and 1970s, British advertising companies,
They sought to explore opportunities abroad in connection with globalization.
Overseas expansion has the potential to reach wider markets.
Saatchi & Saatchi is one of the largest advertising companies that was founded in 1970.
This advertising center quickly became a global network and
He was able to attract big customers like Toyota and Airways.. تعریفی از شرکت های تبلیغاتی

communication with clients :

Studies show that successful advertising centers,
They tend to have a common mind to achieve a common goal with their customers through collaboration
which includes a shared set of client goals in a way that gives a sense of shared ownership in the strategy process.
Successful advertising begins with establishing a good relationship with the customer and discovering goals and ways to achieve them within the framework of cooperation.


Customers are required to provide their own product resources and features
Trust your advertising company in its honesty and integrity.
Following this path, the customer may face poor sales, which leads to a weakening of the relationship with the advertising company
But the best results are achieved when there is a joint effort.
The best time for successful strategic planning is a time
that both parties cooperate with each other by understanding the same point of view and way of thinking.
Advertising planners help create powerful communication by creating a creative process with high thinking capabilities. تعریفی از شرکت های تبلیغاتی

Research organizations:

Research institutions have a very important influence on the extent of collaboration and integration of results.
They realized a strategic weakness which is the initial communication of agencies with clients.
Advertising companies and their designers found themselves in a powerful position.
Independent research organizations have abandoned the ban on developing relationships with planning firms.
The researchers saw themselves as downstream suppliers
and striving for the same level of cooperation between advertising companies and clients.

Media companies:

The increase in the number of media in today’s society can mean
that the client’s relationship with the advertising company may not last that long.
There are several factors in the fact that customers are always in touch with their advertising center.
And there are many things involved in maintaining an advertising center.


The media has always used the conversational technique and knows that customers just want to hear about their profitability.
“The goal is only to make money”
Undoubtedly, such media companies have more chances to penetrate customers and be chosen among competitors.
This point can easily be seen all over the world.

Innovation and creativity :

Advertising companies believe that there is only one rule to create effective advertising, and that is to be creative.
From the point of view of an advertising center, being creative is not only about creating visual effects or how to use images or how to use words
Rather, trying to cultivate ideas and design a creative method to deliver the desired message to the audience is very important in this field.


Even a kind of mess can create creativity.
An advertising company is successful when it can break the mindset of the audience in a creative way and make them inclined to communicate.
As a result, advertising companies with fresher ideas win.
Of course, it goes without saying that in our country, due to restrictions on some advertising matters, the same advertising items as before are still being carried out.
It is worth noting that the best advertisement:
It is an advertisement that makes the audience think and engages him.

Effects of advertising on people:

People don’t buy products. They actually make a profit.
The cost of buying a product is almost the same among all products of the same type.
But how does one product become more valuable to customers than another product?
In the equal product market, people increasingly tend to buy products whose brands they have already become familiar with through the media.
Indeed, a more persuasive and attractive offer will attract the attention of consumers and partners with their wallets.

Managers of centers

Managers of advertising centers strongly believe that advertising has a dramatic change in people’s feelings and behavior.
One of these managers says after twenty-two years of experience:
If people did not see the effect of advertising, they would not believe it.
The first effect of advertising is to stop the audience and draw their attention to the advertisement.
Branding is a key component of advertising effectiveness.

Advertising managers

Managers of advertising centers believe that advertising leads to a change in attitude towards a brand.
This is the concept of attitude with different labels including
Opinions, judgment, perception, persuasion, brand image, and brand interest are called.
It is believed that a good advertisement consists of two components:
1- Change in emotional and emotional attitude
2- Change in logical and rational attitude

Budget and cost of advertising campaigns in the world:

Research shows that advertising costs have increased significantly over the years.
In 2007, it was estimated at over $150 billion in the US and $385 billion globally.
And in 2010, about $450 billion was spent on advertising.
The main reason for the increase in costs was actually higher sales than costs
In fact, companies have accepted such costs in order to open new markets in their business.

Several important principles for creating and producing effective and lasting advertisements