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Claude C. Hopkins

Claude C. Hopkins was born in 1867 in America in difficult economic conditions.
The hardships of the times, on the one hand, and the influence of parents’ thoughts and behavior, on the other hand, played a significant role in the formation of the humble and adaptable character of Hopkins. کلود هاپکینز اعجوبه ای 

His Scottish mother played an important role economically in his child’s upbringing.
With his way of thinking, he was able to raise a child and send it to the society
To become the founder of a certain type of advertising in the world.


Hopkins learned from his mother how to save and spend wisely and felt the value of making money.
Of course, this trait was with him in his middle age, and he was miserly even in the period of his life when he was rich.
But his second wife was able to combat this trait to a large extent by throwing lavish parties and buying expensive furnishings including Louis XVI furniture for his magnificent mansion and hiring numerous servants and gardeners. Spending is tempting. کلود هاپکینز اعجوبه ای 

کلود هاپکینز ؛ اعجوبه دنیای تبلیغات


“Hopkins” was a shy and quiet man who spoke a little with the tip of his tongue.
Usually, one of his hobbies was chewing licorice root
And he drools a little while talking to others. At the age of ten, when his father, who was an employee of one of the newspapers, said goodbye to Darfani.
He experienced a conservative ambition that crept into him and remained in his character for many years.
After his father’s death, young Hopkins had to work before and after school hours to earn money to keep from starving, and the hardships made him always look for new ways to make a living.

Hopkins’ financial problems

These issues and financial problems made Claude Hopkins learn
How to get maximum return with minimal investment in advertising.
He had learned these experiences from hard work and hard life.

A lot of work in his childhood and adolescence made him diligent and productive. He was always dedicated to his work.
He used to work in his office from early morning till night, and he did heavy and light projects.
Hopkins believed that the best way to conduct marketing research for consumer products is to go to households and find out what consumers need about the product in their daily lives, and then translate those needs into the language of advertising media.

Hopkins’s way of thinking

He has given in his writings
He owes his knowledge to poverty because he could not go to college or university due to lack of money
and learn theory and instead he was able to learn better things in the “University of Experience”.
He has repeated many times in his writings that “I know things that are not taught to students in any university.”

And he believes that the key to success in advertising is knowing and understanding the thoughts and feelings of ordinary people.

Hopkins Manuscripts

Hopkins says in his writings:
“As far as healing is concerned, any person can learn things by talking and interacting with extraordinary people that cannot be found in any classroom or book. Because these are the common people who make up the majority of the society and the advertising person who has a good and comprehensive insight into this group has a better chance to communicate with it.

When he was very young, he helped his father collect bills and newspaper bills.
This skill was formed in him very soon, and later, using this experience, he switched to selling silverware polish and homemade vinegar.
Hopkins went into people’s homes and did marketing, and so the principles of personal selling.
Learned the impact of using and presenting product samples as well as the insight needed by a salesperson, advertiser or marketer..

Professional work:

The beginning of his professional career began with Bissell sweeping company.

He was able to impress the head of the company with his initiatives and show that he has the ability and talent to progress.
Then he considered benefits for distributors and dealers and was able to increase the competition between them and thus the company’s sales.کلود هاپکینز اعجوبه ای 

کلود هاپکینز ؛ اعجوبه دنیای تبلیغات


At the age of 41, “Hopkins” started his work at “Lord & Thomas” company at the request of “Albert Lasker”.
“Sugar” at that time was looking for advertising writing in order to find a valuable position in the market and among consumers.
“Hopkins” was leading among other British advertising writers at that time.
He was able to leave a brilliant career with the works he had presented in “Bissel” and “Soif & Company” companies. Of course, “Hopkins” himself said in his writings:
Considering Lasker’s background and position, no one could refuse his offer.
And thus, “Hopkins” worked in the “Van Camp” branch of “Lord and Thomas” company.
He worked in this company for nearly 18 years and was able to get a promotion in a short period of time
And get a very good salary.

Hopkins ability

He was not only able to deliver the company’s food products to all homes, but also opened a new way to sell these products by signing contracts with restaurants and eating places.
He was able to get people used to going to restaurants for the company’s delicious meat and beans and even use it for dinner.
After that, “Hopkins” was able to bring significant success to “Shop” pharmaceutical company.

Hopkins’ next step

The next step in Hopkins’ success was his work for the Schlitz soft drink company.
This type of drink did not sell much in its time.
At the beginning of his work, Hopkins again went into detail.
He believed that it was the details that could make long-term solutions coherent and durable.
He first went to the factory and visited all the production stages.

The process that attracted his attention and aroused constant curiosity in his mind was the way in which the bottles were washed.
He had not seen the elegance, accuracy and cleanliness in washing the glass bottles of this company anywhere else.
Because “Hopkins” had a special intellectual elegance and intelligence in using narrow and subtle points.
He used this feature of production in this company.

Hopkins slogans

He was able to attract many customers with the slogan of cleanliness of the bottles and the final product.
He incorporated this feature into his advertisements with his unique pen and writing style
that every viewer will undoubtedly look for the brand of this product among the many competing products in the stores.
It was not long after Hopkins entered the company that its sales increased sharply. . کلود هاپکینز اعجوبه ای 

Hopkins pioneered discounted purchases and free product samples by offering coupons while working with Palm Olive Health Products Company.
He started his main work in this company by selling a type of women’s soap called Olive Palm.
Instead of offering free samples, Hopkins used this slogan in advertising this product:
We will buy a sample of this soap from you.

Hopkins work beliefs

He believed that the word “free” reduces the value and price of goods or products.
“Hopkins” in the advertisement of this type of soap has briefly discussed how the oil of date and olive trees has been used throughout history.
He has even mentioned this in his advertisements
All the Romans and Cleopatra used this type of oil for their skin.

Also, the advertisement of this type of soap included a coupon that the owners could
Get free samples from the contracted stores of this company.

“Hopkins” soon realized that the advertising method used to increase the sales of this product and increase the demand in the market was effective.
He extended the same method to other products such as shampoo and men’s shaving paste. کلود هاپکینز اعجوبه ای 

Scientific advertising:

Claude Hopkins decided to use his years of experience as an advertising writer.
Compiling a comprehensive collection as an educational guide in the field of advertising and with this goal,
In 1923, he wrote the book “Scientific Propaganda”.

This book, as “Hopkins” himself says, contains principles and rules that should not be violated.
Although this collection is a scientific collection in terms of the amount and criteria of the work, it mostly deals with social sciences.

Most of the principles and solutions presented in this book are related to the effectiveness of advertising around understanding and paying attention to the customer.
From Hopkins’ point of view, the customer is the most important in the advertising process, and paying attention to its real and non-market needs is one of the principles of success in advertising.

کلود هاپکینز ؛ اعجوبه دنیای تبلیغات

Advertising and sales:

“Hopkins” points out in this book that “advertising is in a way the same as selling.
Its principles are the same // as the principles of selling and the consequences of success and failure are the same in both.
Therefore, all advertising questions must be answered with sales standards.

According to Hopkins, a salesman is someone who must be honest and know his way around
And answer the questions simply and according to the type of customer.
“Heavy words and heavy advertisements do not work in attracting customers.
Similarly, being too fat will cause customers to be skeptical.
If the customer feels forced and influenced more than usual or in an artificial way, he will find less motivation to buy the product.
Salespeople need to know what their customers like to hear and how to communicate with them in a healthy and positive way.

کلود هاپکینز اعجوبه ای 

Important points in advertising