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– TV, radio

Television has been one of the most effective media in human history.
A media that increases its audience day by day (of course, according to the productions of that network) and gives wide access to businesses.
Television with a high penetration rate is the most popular media in the country and the world. According to a survey, 85% of people spend more than an hour a day watching TV. The cost of television advertising depends on the type of network and its broadcast hours.
To order airtime, advertisers must consider things like available programs, the effectiveness of different programs, and reach.
نگاهی دقیق به رسانه های تخصصی تبلیغاتی

Types of TV commercials:

– Advertising teasers

  • Direct teasers (direct introduction of product or service)
  • Story teasers
  • Cultural teasers
  • Serial teasers
  • Musical teasers
  • Educational teasers
  • Animation teasers
  • Motion graphics teasers
  • Combined teasers
  • Ads report
  • Advertisement badge
  • logo engraving
  • Subtitle
  • Invitation to watch


Radio and TV channels:

-National TV channels
  • Advertisements on Channel One
  • Advertising on Channel Two
  • Advertising on Channel Three
  • Advertisements on Channel Four
  • Advertising on Channel Five
  • Advertisements on the news network
  • Advertisements on the iFilm network
  • Advertising on the Nasim network
  • Advertising on documentary network
  • Advertising on the show network
  • Advertisements on the sports network
  • Advertising in the education network
  • Advertisements on the children’s network
– Provincial TV channels

Radio is one of the most visited media among advertising media.
Products and services that have TV ads can be more effective by converting TV ads to radio, allowing them to listen to that ad simultaneously on the radio.


– Environmental media (outdoor advertising)

  • billboard
  • strawboard
  • It’s a lamp
  • wall board
  • backlight
  • Market board

Posters, kiosks, buses, and subways (advertisements in the urban transportation system) are considered environmental media.
نگاهی دقیق به رسانه های تخصصی تبلیغاتی

– Print media ( print media )

Any media that convey advertising messages to the audience and consumers through design and printing is called print media. (newspaper, magazine, catalog, brochure, etc.)

In print advertising, the message is more durable and can convey the technical information of the product or service and remain in the archive, but it cannot be used to locate the media product.

be appropriate (it will be more effective in the form of an initial notification)

نگاهی دقیق به رسانه های تخصصی تبلیغاتی


– Internet/digital marketing ( digital marketing )

Digital marketing includes the application and use of various digital channels and tools in order to promote and promote the sale of products and services to customers.

Brand promotion requires the use of new digital media techniques.
For this reason, it is possible to transfer the name and logo of a product or service to target customers using digital marketing tools. Do not

اهی دقیق به رسانه های تخصصی تبلیغاتی

Digital marketing channels:

  • Content marketing
  • network marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Search engine marketing
  • Online public relations
  • Video Marketing
  • Cellular phone
  • infographic
Digital marketing tools:
  • Web Design:

    A website is your brand identity online.
    Building a website with a design and user-friendly design for users is the first step of digital marketing success. نگاهی دقیق به رسانه های تخصصی تبلیغاتی

  • Responsive design
  • number of pages:

    Websites that are more than 30 pages get 7 times more hits than sites that are 10 pages.

  • Data analysis
  • electronic commerce
  • mobile application
  • short message
  • Mobile advertising
  • email
  • Show ads
    pay per click
  • Search engine optimization
  • Recommended links
  • Video viral ads
  • blog
  • infographic
  • Live broadcast on website and winbar
  • Social Networks:
  • They are the most powerful platform to promote your business.

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