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Biography of Al Pacino:

Al Pacino, whose full name is Alfredo James Pacino, born on April 25, 1940, is one of the most prominent actors in the movie industry, who gained fame by playing in the movie The Godfather. As a child, he was fond of imitating the voice and acting of movie characters. A year before graduating from the Faculty of Performing Arts, he dropped out and then turned to acting.

Al Pacino’s family

he is father joined the army in World War II and then worked for an insurance company.  he says I could never really know my father. Because after the divorce of his parents, he lived with his mother. Al Pacino also lost his mother at the age of 22 and continued to live with his maternal grandfather.

Storm with the godfather
Al Pacino’s fame came at the age of 32 with his role in the movie The Godfather. This movie, with Al Pacino’s wonderful role as Michael Corleone and directed by Francis Coppola, was recognized as a masterpiece of world cinema.

It is interesting to know that when “Al Pacino” appeared in the studio for the audition of the movie “The Godfather”, he was rejected several times. Ford Capello insisted on his role in this film. Even for a while after filming, both were worried about being fired. He was finally able to shine with his beautiful acting in this film.

Al Pacino’s first film:

At the age of 29, Al Pacino played his first role in the movie Natalie. 2 years later, he starred in the movie “Terror in Needle Park”, but it did not make him famous.

Best actor in theater:
Al Pacino was making good progress in his career. At the age of 26, he won the Best Actor award for his performance in the Bronx Indian play. A year later, he won a Tony Award.

Start with the show

After the death of his teacher, Charles Laughton, he went to the actor’s studio and learned acting techniques from Lee Strasberg (famous American director and actor).

He lost his spirit at the age of 22 after the death of his mother. However, he was more drawn to acting. So that he spent most of his time in the show and performed for children to boost his morale.

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