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Ten effective ways to achieve life goals


Ten key and effective ways to not reach your goals in life:

1. Always be confused about what you want. You don’t know exactly what you want and what you are looking for and how you should organize yourself.

2. Don’t tell anyone about your dreams for the future – even yourself, keep it a secret that might come in handy someday.

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Why :

3. Spend time with those who are not chasing their dreams. Success is contagious, so stay away from anyone who has specific goals and a plan to achieve them.

4. Never write down your goals. The least impact of this action is taking a very long step towards your goals, so this is a complete no-go!

5. Give a price to all your fears and doubts. If you see yourself moving towards a goal, immediately give in to your fears and doubts – after all, fear is more powerful than you, isn’t it?

6. When you hit an obstacle, give up and blame yourself. Any obstacle is a sure sign that you are not taking action to achieve your goals.

7. Accept advice from someone who thinks your dreams are illogical, impossible, unnecessary, wrong, stupid, impossible, naive, and unwise. Everyone knows that pessimism is more realistic than fantasy.

8. Never take any risks. Whatever your situation, be satisfied, this method is less risky. (the thinking of most desperate people)

9. If you are not 100% sure of the outcome of something and you think there is still time, don’t start it. Wait until the conditions are fully prepared and precisely defined and you want to know how things will go.

10. See unexpected results for what they really are: Failure All results will not be what you wanted and therefore you are a failure and your life is full of failures and failures. You may as well give up. ten faces

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