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Advertising costs money, but without advertising, you cannot have sales, so to increase sales, you must look for effective advertising. A successful advertisement can promote your business in the mind and subconscious of the audience. Every employer is looking for an advertisement that has the highest efficiency with the lowest possible cost. This is the most ideal possible state. There are many methods of advertising, but there is one point for advertising: branding or corporate identity

The fact is that one advertising version cannot be implemented for all businesses.

If an ad works for a cosmetics store site, it doesn’t mean that it can work on a site that offers decorating services.
Advertising methods and methods should be customized depending on the type of business in order to increase the success rate. It is true that some solutions are specific and repetitive, but if each ad is not customized according to the type of business and its target customers, the success rate will be greatly reduced.

Now the important question is, how can you advertise in a way that leads to attracting the audience and converting them into customers? How to advertise to attract customers? They are short questions, but the answers to these questions are very deep and require a lot of research and investigation.
In the following, we will try to familiarize you with advertising on the Internet and tell you what actions you should take for successful advertising.

Successful advertising aimed at increasing customers

We assume that you are planning to advertise on the Internet for the first time. So, we outline all the factors you need to create a successful ad:

  1. Branding (organizational identity design)

    • Choose the appropriate name
    • Choose a slogan
    • Business logo design
    • Determining organizational color
    • office set
  2. Build a strong base on the Internet

    • Web Design
    • Creating a weblog
    • Creating pages on social networks
  3. Internet advertisement
    • Advertising on popular sites (internet marketing)
    • Advertising in search engines (search engine marketing)
    • Content marketing
    • Email marketing
    • social marketing
  4. Work on social networks
    • Content production
    • Use of robots
    • Targeted advertising

Branding of any work and its effect on increasing customers

برندینگ در تبلیغات

Branding means creating a familiar identity for the audience. When you have a familiar identity in the minds of your audience, you can easily present your products and services to them. To create a brand, the first step is to create a brand.

Choosing a brand is a priority. Most of a brand’s identity is based on its name. Like Tap C or Snap brand. If you are planning to create a new business brand, you need to put a lot of effort into choosing its name.

Your brand name should be unique and relevant to your business and should not be used by other people (especially in your field of work). Branding (organizational identity design)

Organizational identity design

After choosing the brand name, it is time to choose the slogan. A brand’s slogan should not have an advertising aspect. It should not be just a slogan. A brand slogan is a representation of a short description of a brand. Better to do this for your brand slogan: describe your brand in three words or a three or four-word sentence. Brand

After choosing the name and slogan, it is time to make the logo. Creating a logo is very important. You are known to the audience with this logo. A logo or business logo can represent the strength and quality of your product or service. We recommend clicking here to create a logo.

Determining a suitable and unique color in your field of work can make you a popular brand. Colors have a great impact on identifying brands. According to the type of activity and the color of competitors, you should choose the color of your work. Branding (organizational identity design)

At the end of offline branding, you need to design your office suite. All these steps can be done by the graphics and branding unit of Shaygan Group.

Build a strong base on the Internet

Any business you want to introduce on the Internet needs an address to display services, products, etc., which can be the address of a website, a blog, or even a page in a social network. Having a base on the Internet is necessary to introduce a brand, but which of these three should we choose to create a website? Be sure to design a website.

شو روم اینترنتی خود را افتتاح کنید

Open your Internet Monitor

Blogs may no longer exist, and social networks may be filtered one day, so creating a foundation in these two sectors is very risky and risky. To be comfortable with our website, we need to design a professional website.

Having a website does not mean that we no longer use blogs and social networks, but we must keep in mind that in most of our writings, we must point out that users must visit the site to use services or products. If there is a problem for any of the above users, don’t miss that part.

Effective Internet advertising to attract customers

There are many ways to advertise online, from banner ads on popular sites to matching ads, display ads, and video ads. Depending on what stage of advertising you are in and where your brand is, you can use one of the advertising methods to further introduce your business.

Advertising on popular sites can be a good option to introduce your site, but only if the target site is related to the topic of your site. For example, you should not advertise your website design on health sites.

Advertising in the search engine, which is also known as Google advertising, is another way to attract customers from the Internet and advertising. Of course, there is another method for this, and that is SEO. Through SEO, you can be seen at the top of Google results without Google ads. For this purpose, you need to start the SEO work of your site, for which you need an SEO expert.


با تبلیغات مثل آهن ربا مشتریان را جذب کنید

Attract customers with accurate and effective advertising like a magnet

You can also create content (content marketing) to increase the site’s SEO capabilities. In content marketing, first, the behavior of the target users is checked and their needs and questions are checked. Then, based on this review, materials with attractive titles are designed and written for them. This is done with the aim of attracting more audience.

When you bring contacts to your site in different ways, you need to make the most of them. For this purpose, you should try to be in constant contact with them. One of the best strategies is to email them with a special offer and then follow up with email marketing in the coming weeks and months. This makes you always have a stronger SEO, and a more popular and user-friendly site.

Social marketing

It is also another service that you should take advantage of. Note that in social networks, the use of appropriate images and photos is very effective in following users. For this purpose, it is recommended that brands that have products use industrial and advertising photography for their products. If you are one of those brands that need industrial photography to introduce their products, you can use the industrial photography services of Shaygan Advertising Company.

Videos are very important in social networks. Apart from industrial photos, you can get more contacts by making promotional videos and motion graphics.

Use social networks to attract customers

تبلیغات در شبکه های اجتماعی


Effective advertising in social networks

Social networks are a good platform for attracting new and potential customers. By working with them, producing daily content, and responding closely to customers, you can attract new contacts and customers. Nowadays, it has become common to use robots to do some common tasks in social networks. By having a responsible bot, you can manage your business page in the best possible way. Of course, it should be noted that in order to increase followers, you should use advertisements on social networks. Of course, advertising should only be done on target pages.

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