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Comprehensive article on Instagram marketing

Instagram marketing is a term you’ve probably heard a lot these days.

Perhaps many people are still not familiar enough with this term, a term that many experts and advertising consultants consider more obligatory than Noon Shab. Instagram marketing for more sales is for managers who consider themselves obliged to equip themselves with the latest technology and advertising methods.

Smart managers are always looking for the newest ways.

We are writing this article for you who have high business intelligence and are always looking for the development and progress of your collection and business.

If you know how much being equipped with today’s tools will advance your work, you will definitely not hesitate.

The impact of virtual space on businesses is more known today than in the past, and business development is not possible without using it.

Managers who are up-to-date are always waiting to find the latest sales methods through cyberspace and use them in their collections.

They constantly go to their competitors and constantly analyze their activities and put them under the microscope.

Managers of large collections always follow the opinions and tastes of their target audience and by using them and the infrastructural changes of their collection, they continuously increase the conversion rate of their audience into customers. اینستاگرام مارکتینگ چیست؟ و راهکار افزایش فروش در اینستاگرام

Successful managers never underestimate social media marketing and always put energy and time into it.

How about you? Which type of manager are you?

One of these relatively new methods that has been used in the last few years is Instagram marketing.

If you know how quickly and easily you can promote your business through Instagram, you will definitely activate your Instagram account today to sell your products and services and start posting.

It is good to know that Instagram is not just a personal account and adding a few followers from relatives and friends, Instagram itself is a kind of free advertisement on the web that can introduce you to Anwar Ab in a strange way.

It’s very easy! As easy as drinking a glass of water. Read the rest of the article to open the topic for you with the following topics: اینستاگرام مارکتینگ چیست؟ و راهکار افزایش فروش در اینستاگرام

The things we review in this article

Benefits and Features of Instagram

The importance of Instagram in today’s world

Instagram marketing strategy

The effect of making advertising videos on Instagram

Follow the tips and principles of making videos for Instagram


Benefits and Features of Instagram

You may ask why among all these software and social networks, Instagram has become popular and you can earn a lot of money from it. Below are some simple yet important reasons to understand the importance of this powerful platform

1- Easy work with Instagram:

Instagram is very easy to work with. Currently, there is no need to filter and it is possible to create an account on this site with a mobile number or email address. Access to this site is easy and free for everyone of any age.

So many people can register on this social network.

The difference between Instagram and Telegram is mainly in the things that we wrote. Although Telegram is a place to sell the business, Instagram is more attractive. اینستاگرام مارکتینگ چیست؟ و راهکار افزایش فروش در اینستاگرام

For example, Twitter is considered less for business use and more international affairs are conducted there.

At the same time, being a filter reduces its appeal to some extent.

But YouTube, which is a video-sharing space, is very attractive, despite being filtered in Iran, like Instagram.

Of course, in every country and continent, one or more social networks are highly popular and different from other countries. اینستاگرام مارکتینگ چیست؟ و راهکار افزایش فروش در اینستاگرام

2- Sharing stories, videos, and photos:

On Instagram, it is possible to send stories, videos, and photos due to its high speed.

In fact, everything looks like life on Instagram. This is a good thing in cyberspace.

Because gaining trust in the web space is a difficult task. By sharing an engaging video, you can get a crowd of your audience to voice your opinion. The impact that a photo or video has on the mind of the audience cannot be replicated with a great written text.

3- Create an online video:

You can easily organize a virtual meeting for everyone.

If you are a provider of products and services, if a new product or service has been added to your collection today and you have explanations for all customers, you can handle it well by holding a friendly meeting.

The possibility of live video communication on the platform Instagram and the topic of marketing shows your real presence in this field and always follows the trust and attention of the audience.

These days, the live video feature of Instagram is widely used for educational, social, political, cultural, and artistic meetings. اینستاگرام مارکتینگ چیست؟ و راهکار افزایش فروش در اینستاگرام

4- Excessive use of Instagram:

In general, most people use this social network, even in Iran, statistics show that this social network is highly popular among people. So, you don’t have to worry about losing any of them, and to put it more clearly, you can have them all in one place.

Your business is among a sea of audiences spending their time in this high-traffic marketplace.اینستاگرام مارکتینگ چیست؟ و راهکار افزایش فروش در اینستاگرام

5- Lack of government supervision:

There is no tax on Instagram and no government supervision, so when you, as an ordinary person or a celebrity and influencer, enter your card number, money will be deposited into your card without worry.

This is because people choose what to spend their money on. Of course, it is very important to be vigilant, follow the tips, and also have fraud issues in this matter. اینستاگرام مارکتینگ چیست؟ و راهکار افزایش فروش در اینستاگرام

6- Completely free space:

Nothing on Instagram is for sale and everything is free.

This is a very important point. In today’s world, for any advertising you want to do, including environmental and virtual advertising, you have to pay a lot of money.

But you can win a story on Instagram with zero tomans.

Of course, there are many businesses that are looking for faster success on the Instagram platform and are always looking for rapid progress by allocating capital and separate budgets, by producing attractive content and advertising on other pages.

The importance of Instagram in today’s world

There is so much free and open selling space on Instagram that training courses are designed for it.

You should learn to use hashtags and other Instagram tricks to share a good post.

If you search on Google right now, you will see a variety of free and non-free tutorials that teach you interesting tips.

It pays to spend a good amount of time and keep an eye on your competitors’ pages to get a good understanding of how you should be using Instagram.

The use of virtual space is inevitable in all aspects of life.

Most of the work, even the simplest shopping, has become virtual, and the general public is more willing to shop virtually. Especially in big cities where transportation costs are high, it is cost-effective to use virtual space and buy and sell in it.

Instagram marketing strategy

It may be interesting to know that following a few simple tips can bring you good results on Instagram. Here are some tips:

1- Important hours and times:

When and on what days to share what content needs research and analysis?

What time do your contacts and customers generally enter Instagram?

And what time should you upload your content so that customers can see it quickly? Just check this a few times. you will understand

The best tool to understand this and analyze audience activity is through the Insights section of your business page.

2- Use of popular hashtags:

One of the most important and first things you should put in your Instagram marketing queue is that

Preparing a list of important hashtags related to your field of activity.

Be sure to have a complete list of public, private, and brand hashtags and use them all in your posts and content.

Hashtags increase the number of posts for you because actually hashtags,

This is a separate channel for customers to reach you.

3- Using authentic Instagram bots:

Ever since Instagram changed from a personal and photo-taking space to a business space, many bots have been created to optimize the results of a page. These bots increase followers, views, and likes on your page. Many of the pages you see on Instagram and have a high number of followers have used these Instagram bots. At Katsho, we do not recommend using bots unless the numbers are important and necessary for you and your business.

4- Writing optimal content:

Be careful when writing an SEO article for your website, you can write up to several thousand words.

But on Instagram, the number of words is limited, so you have to write optimally.

While sharing videos and text, thousands of other users are also uploading their concepts.

Therefore, the opportunity for your contacts is limited and you should make the best use of it. What content should we produce?

It requires an analysis of customer behavior and Instagram tricks.

There should be something in your content that you don’t see in your competitors’ content.

Using creative and unique visual content is one of the most important moves forward for you.

Making a motion graphic video, a professional teaser, and a documentary film from your collection can be a smart and forward-looking move for your page.

The effect of making advertising videos on Instagram

Regardless of whether you want to advertise on Instagram or not, you should know that today’s space is the space of audio and video.

A good image and video can stay in the mind of your audience for a long time.

Just refer to your experiences on the Internet and see which images and videos are still in your mind.

Your production video may be very short, but if it follows some simple tips, it will be the best and cheapest advertisement.

A good video is quickly shared by users and this is another reason why Instagram is so popular.

Your video can be designed very professionally. It means a new idea using visual and auditory effects.

In this case, we can produce a good effect for you.

Also, your video can be very simple but use topics that will appeal to the audience.

For example, if you place your ad with a verse of poetry, a humorous text, an interesting short story, a meaningful photo, etc., you will see that the effect will multiply.

Create a video that you would be attracted to if you were in the shoes of your audience and customers.

Follow the tips and principles of making videos for Instagram

At first, many people consider the Instagram marketing space as a simple thing and maybe they don’t spend a lot of taste and art on it.

In addition, following the principles of content production and using attractive audio and video ideas is the key to success in this field.

As a business owner and someone looking to grow your business, you should

Set aside time for your collection’s Instagram, hire a staff to produce content for it, and even choose a separate person to manage it.

The truth is that today, even without having an official website for your business,

You can achieve great success just by having an Instagram page and a strong team behind it.

Just analyze large and small businesses and stores on Instagram and realize the high potential of this social network.

You may not have enough time to do all your promotional activities.

So you can outsource, because if you don’t have the expertise and experience and enough time to market your Instagram, your position and success on this valuable advertising platform will remain in a halo of uncertainty.

At Katsho, we have a professional team and high experience in the field of various advertising topics.

We can create a good effect for your marketing so that you can make the most of it as effective visual content.

Dejavo’s Instagram marketing services

We will advertise your collection and company at Dejavo Studio.

Using new advertising methods such as motion graphics, making teasers, producing documentary films and industrial films, etc. can all be a new and artistic work from you for your audience.

If you have used different advertising methods in the past, it is good to know that there are always new solutions for advertising.

For example, designing and making motion graphics these days has become one of the most attractive advertising methods in video marketing.

which your competitors are also using. Contact us to benefit from Katsho services.