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The owners of goods, services, industries, and all types of producers, in addition to their advertising activities (radio, television, environmental advertising, print media, etc.), always need to introduce organizations, companies, factories, commercial complexes, and comprehensive introduction. to corporate films. From services, products for customers, sales representatives, employers, product and service marketing in target markets, exhibitions, etc. Corporate films (industrial, commercial, etc.) are produced with different goals and structures. The obvious difference between these types of promotional videos and promotional teasers is in the time of the video (more than 3 minutes) and the provision of comprehensive and accurate information, including:
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Introducing the history of the brand
Introduction of space and different parts (factory environment, etc.)
Introducing how to produce a product from start to finish
Introduction of specialist forces
Introduction of product and service features
Announcing the winner of brand awards and honors and…

Types of corporate advertising films – industrial films

Promotional videos
Advertisement report (advertisement report)
Commercial industrial documentary films
Educational advertising films
Presentation of TV commercials (2 to 5 minutes)

The structure of corporate films – industrial film

Promotional videos with speech and without text speech
Commercial industrial documentary films
Archive of advertising films
Corporate advertising films, documentaries, and biographies
Promotional educational videos – real animation
Real animation advertising report

Production of industrial films for factories and manufacturing industries

Factories and manufacturing industries always consider the production of commercial films as one of their priorities and requirements to introduce their products and collections for marketing and advertising purposes.
History, the introduction of different parts of the factory, production technology and production stages of the product and its features, employees and specialists, awards and honors, and perspective are the components of the industrial film.

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Production of the industrial film, advertisement reports of civil and construction projects

Many builders, contractors, and builders of various buildings need to prepare an industrial film in the form of a report in order to provide a report on the manner and progress of the construction stages from the beginning to the end of the project with the aim of providing a report. To the board, assembly, and marketing, and advertising after the end of the project. It covers the construction stages from the beginning to the end of the project.
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Making corporate videos for service companies

Service provider companies need to make corporate films, industrial films, and advertising films to introduce their collections and services in order to advertise and market, and increase the sales of their services. The history of the company, the introduction of services and features, the introduction of the space, personnel and specialists, certificates, honors, and vision of the company are among the parts of the corporate promotional film.

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Producing promotional videos, promotional clips, and promotional reports for banks and financial institutions

Banks and financial institutions need to make promotional videos, promotional reports, and epic promotional clips (especially for banking conferences) to comprehensively introduce their services, introduce specific branches, report services, advertise in branches and produce valuable content in conferences.

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Creating promotional reports, and promotional videos for government departments and organizations

Government departments and organizations need to prepare promotional reports and promotional videos to report on the implementation and progress of projects.

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Making advertising films for commercial centers

Commercial centers with the aim of introducing the collection, attracting target customers, and handing over business units need to make promotional videos that can be used for marketing, advertising, and increasing audience attendance.

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Making advertising films for sports entertainment complexes

Due to the high competition between entertainment and sports groups, making an advertising film is one of the most effective methods of marketing and advertising to attract an audience.
Depicting the charms, features, and facilities of these centers in the making of an advertising film will attract the audience and make your brand stand out.

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Making promotional videos for hotels and tourist centers

Without a doubt, advertising is the most effective way to attract the hotel’s target audience, i.e. travelers.
Making an advertising film with the aim of introducing the atmosphere, facilities, services, and attractions of the hotel will encourage travelers to stay in your hotel.

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Making advertising films for hospitals and beauty clinics

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With the support of years of experience and expertise in this field and using professional agents and equipment, with a targeted and effective production attitude, Dejavo Studio provides its customers with the best quality with various budgets of companies in making all kinds of industrial advertising films. to give Over Iran

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