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At first glance, if we want to divide the advertising industry activists into two general parts, it should be said that the first part includes buyers and consumers (that is, most of us) and the second part also includes commercial companies. In other words, advertisers. اثرگذاری تبلیغات و تاثیر آن بر ذهن 

Most of us people think (Part 1) whenever we buy a product, we have made a fully informed and rational decision.

From this point of view, advertisements of commercial companies have no effect on our choice and we choose and prepare the product we need completely consciously.

On the other hand, when the behavior of commercial companies and advertisers is examined,
We see that they seriously plan their advertising programs and spend a lot of budget on advertising every year.

This side of the square has spent a lot of money on advertising and this is repeated regularly.

On the other side of the field, buyers consider advertising to be ineffective and consider their purchase decision independent of advertising activities.

What’s the matter?

Are audiences and consumers grossly mistaken, or are advertisers just throwing their money away?

The answer to this question lies in the unconscious effects of advertising on the minds of buyers.

Now, how can advertising strengthen people’s actions and behavior in an ignorant yet effective way that is designed in advance?
It is a topic that I will discuss briefly in this speech.

Everyone present at the conference is familiar with this model.

According to this pattern, when the sender of the message wants to target the audience and influence his mind.
First, he converts the concept into a code in his mind, which is actually the same message.

media :

This message reaches the audience through the media and is decoded and finally understood.
In the meantime, disturbances may occur and prevent sending and receiving messages as they should.
In general, the goals of advertising messages can be summarized in three parts.
These messages either want to change the thinking of the audience, or they want to influence the emotions of the audience, or they intend to perform a certain action or action.

Advertising messages

Most advertising messages pursue one of these goals or sometimes a combination of several goals.

For example

For example, the ads you see,
It states what harm smoking can have,

Cigarette advertisement:

Maybe some people thought before seeing this ad that smoking is a sign of social class and a sign of growing up.
But when the content of this ad is read,
He sees how much he is harming himself by smoking.

In this way, knowing the harm of smoking can change the thinking of the audience.

This ad targets the emotions of the audience and tries to warn the audience from smoking by affecting their emotions.

The purpose of the third advertisement is to persuade to do something specific.
This ad is for an institution, either you use me and you are on the right track or you use me:
This is valid advice that states that each of the three displayed ads attempts to control the behavior of the audience “You don’t use and you go astray” as intended by the advertiser.

Advertising program:

One of the methods that can be considered in the advertising program is to strengthen the superiority of the product.
Each of us people from different groups and different topics has priority in our mind.
Usually, the elements in the subjective numerical ranking are between 5 and 9.

If you look carefully, the number of close friends you have is about the same.

When you become friends with a new person in the study environment and then become close,
An old friend leaves your circle of close friends.
Because the new friend has filled his place. It is like this in different subjects.

Brands that are in our minds also have a similar situation.

For example

For example, if you are asked to name different brands of mineral water,
Most likely, the number of brands you choose is between 5 and 9 brands.

Now if we tell you the names of the brands that you have not mentioned
And if they ask you if you know them, you’ll probably say yes.

The main and important question is:

Even though you know these brands, why didn’t you mention their names the first time?

And your possible answer:

Because the initial brands I mentioned are bolder in my mind.

Maybe because they were more important to me.

Research has shown that our choice of brands to buy goods is influenced by their subjective ratings.

Therefore, the brand that is ranked first has the highest chance of being selected.

One of the important goals of advertising is to increase the mental rating of brands.

In the following, we discuss some of the most important methods through which you can determine the audience’s mental agenda and, as a result, control the audience’s behavior.
will be mentioned.

Repeat and repeat:

One of the common ways to find the superiority of brands is repetition.

When a brand is repeated, it is recognized, and remembered, and its mental ranking increases.

For this reason, some brands enter the market

They repeat their name so much in their advertisements to associate the mind with that brand and increase its mental rating.

He pointed out that, for example, repeating his name “Mohsen”, can be done well by the food company supplying the brand with a series of rhythmic advertisements in the initial advertisements.


To the extent that most of the audience hears the names of foods such as Barberry Peel and Pilou Beans, the name of this company is imprinted in their minds without wanting to.

Another way to promote product excellence is to link that product to a series of everyday metrics.

An indicator can be a symbol, a piece of music, or a specific image, and if repeated, it helps promote the superiority of this product.

Connecting a brand to a marker helps to increase the prominence of that brand.

Connecting the product or brand with the happy experiences the audience had in their childhood games.

Either the scenes of favorite movies or the pleasant sound of memorable music are among these methods.

For example

For example, Bank Mellat has used parts of Zorro in one of its TV commercials

to increase its superiority by associating its brand with a pleasant memory.

Sometimes we can use a product group as an indicator.

This becomes possible when our ability to influence increases.

To better understand this topic, please complete the following statements.
Mayonnaise… chips… ice cream… pasta… the brands you mentioned in the product groups below,
They have a good selection and naturally when you go to a store to buy the above products,
The best chance is with brands that have managed to link themselves to the relevant product group.
Because the layout of the meeting agenda is formed in your mind in such a way that it leads you to a certain choice.

Maybe you haven’t decided which brand to choose.
But when you enter the store,
This brand stands out in such a way that it becomes the first priority of your mind and you prefer to put it in your shopping cart.
The next issue is brand evaluation.

One of the ways to move the mind of the audience in the direction we want is to present the positive aspects of that product.

For example, when a car has high strength, it can be interpreted in two ways! The positive interpretation means high safety and the second negative aspect is high fuel consumption.

Volvo Motor Company has been able to place the positive side of power, i.e. more security, in the minds of its audience.

Some competitors may use this feature and strengthen the negative side of our product.

For example, when we hear the name of its positive side, it is formed in our mind as an expensive ornament.

Imagine telling your pearl that you know it is actually an oyster gland.

Do you think pearls are worthless?

If this image is repeated, its positive side will gradually disappear and those who like pearls may change their opinion.
Competitors want to cultivate the negative side and our task is to strengthen the positive side.

The Psychology Of Advertising:

In the book Psychology of Advertising, it is stated that Mr. Aris Korman said to himself when he discovered land.
I have to find a nice name for this land to choose and with that Greenland’s mind means the green land of people to immigrate here.

He brought this name to the point where this land is popular with people.

The next item is the advertisement below the sensory threshold, which became a controversial topic.

For the first time in the movie (Spartacus), two statements were shown in a very short time without prior knowledge of the audience.
Eat popcorn and drink Coke.

The ad was so fast that it was unrecognizable.

As you know, television animation is actually a number of still images that are shown quickly one after the other.

This speed makes the eye unable to distinguish the distances and as a result, the images appear completely connected and moving.

It was said that at the time of the release of this movie, the sale of popcorn and Coca-Cola in the cinema buffet increased significantly.

Later, this advertising method was declared deceptive and prohibited.

However, the effectiveness of this method was not confirmed in additional research.


New method in advertising:

Today, a new method for advertising has been proposed, which is known as in-film advertising.

In this method, the desired brands of movie heroes are used when showing a movie.

Since the target brand is not directly promoted,

The audience has no stance and resistance against it, and this brand gets the chance to fit in the audience’s mind.

Most of us do not like scandals and do not want to be scandalized. The effect of advertising and its effect on the mind of the audience

The next issue is the mockery vote, and for fear of scandal, we prefer to agree with the majority.

Today, this psychological mechanism is also used in advertising.
In advertisements, they show that most people use a particular brand.



بربرندهااثرگذاری تبلیغات و تاثیر آن بر ذهن مخاطب

Well, now that everyone uses this brand, it must be a good and reliable brand.
So why don’t I use it? Have you noticed that many beggars always have a few coins at the bottom of their bowls?
To say that you are not the first person, others have helped before you.
Here the cross-vote feature makes you attract more help. اثرگذاری تبلیغات و تاثیر آن بر ذهن مخاطب

I ran a similar experiment a few times on the Crossroads of Advertising blog.

It was clear that usually, the time to send the first message is longer than to send subsequent messages.
So, I posted messages with fake names in some content.

Display message:

Interestingly, after the messages were displayed, other people were also encouraged to leave messages.

Each time I did this, the number of messages sent increased.
One thing we should be careful about

It is that when a brand becomes too popular, it is considered trivial and superficial. Eth

رگذاری تبلیغات و تاثیر آن بر ذهن مخاطب اثرگذاری تبلیغات و تاثیر آن بر ذهن مخاطب


Popularity or hate?

Too often, too much popularity makes you hate.

To avoid hating a popular product, care must be taken to make it unique.
Sometimes brands that become popular,
They try to keep the price of goods and products high so that they are different from other products in terms of price.

The next property is mental association. Please answer this question.

How many doors and windows are there in your house? what happened? At first, the rooms were conjured in your mind.

اثرگذاری تبلیغات و تاثیر آن بر ذهن مخاطب


You said how many windows each room has and then you added the numbers together and got the answer.

You didn’t have this answer by accident and you made it up in your head using the previous information you had.

Psychological mechanism:

This psychological mechanism is used in advertising.
They give you information that is not the final answer.
But your mind does this by attaching information.

اثرگذاری تبلیغات و تاثیر آن بر ذهن مخاطب

Peugeot 206 is a woman or a man? Is he old or young?

Is the car the same age and gender?
You found out the age and gender of the 206 car with the previous information you had in mind.

The purpose of this Mercedes Benz advertisement is to gain respect in the mind of the audience.

Brand respect:

In this series of commercials, you can see when a villain arrives at Mercedes-Benz.
He passes slowly and even respects the image of Mercedes-Benz.

This means that everyone respects this brand.

If you want respect, by buying a Mercedes-Benz car, you can gain the respect of others.
The next issue is inbreeding.

When we watch a movie, we all identify with the hero of the movie.

It means to put ourselves in his place and as if we are the ones who overcome the problems and finally celebrate the victory.

Many of us choose successful and famous people as heroes and role models and want to be like them in the future.

Well, look at this promotional teaser, you might ask yourself.

Why has so much been spent to invite the champions of different sports fields in this TV advertisement?

How much is an advertisement worth when a lot of time and money has been spent on it?

The creators of these ads promote homophobia.
They have brought together popular and famous athletes from different disciplines and from many countries so that every audience and with every taste who sees these advertisements,

He should see that his favorite hero is also among the supporters of this brand and this will guarantee the purchase of this brand.

Now that so many celebrities like to use this product, I have to.
Maybe this way I am more like my heroes.

And the final theme is empathy.

In a TV commercial with the content of war and bloodshed, the closing slogan is likely to be the audience’s emotions.

Stop the bullets, stop the guns, this is a phrase coined against war and killing.
It is because of empathy for this innocent boy that he played a role in this advertisement.

This mechanism is also used in advertising.

We all make our evaluations with some degree of logic and emotion and then choose the superior option.

But for many of us, whose emotional side is stronger and more, emotional ads affect us sooner and more.

In other advertisements that are done to protect children, there is a really effective slogan.

Some children wish their parents were animals! Why?

Because as seen in the ad, all animals treat their children with love.
But some people do not treat their children kindly.


Contrary to what is often thought, our choices when shopping are not completely conscious and informed.
Brand owners can have a tremendous impact on our minds with the advertising they do.
Advertising using psychological mechanisms,
It can shape our mental program to reinforce the expected behavior of the advertiser in us.

It is because of this great power of advertising that competent institutions must establish appropriate laws and carry out the necessary controls.
Avoid abusing this effective tool (advertising).

A detailed look at specialized advertising media (mass media advertising)