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Will Gharib movie change the results of this year’s release?

The special measures that were thought for the screening of Nowruz 1402 have given the people and the moviegoers a little hope so that both the people and the moviegoers can have a good experience for themselves. Of course, if this process is done accurately.

According to the online news and Mehsa Bahadri:

Before the life story of Martyr Borujerdi was shown on the cinema screen, the lives of other martyrs were also made, the lives of people like Martyr Sattari, about whom two movies “Mansour” and “Hi Power” were made, and now this year, Mohammad Hossein Latifi with “Gharib Film” He went to Martyr Sardar Mohammad Boroujerdi to narrate and depict his life story in 160 minutes, a story that perhaps portrays the truest picture of a person, despite all the bad and good points, weaknesses and strengths of a person.

“Gharib Film” can perhaps be considered one of the most interesting works that was exhibited at this year’s festival. A work directed by Mohammad Hossein Latifi, produced by Hamed Anga, starring Babak Hamidian and played by Mohammad Boroujerdi (grandson of Martyr Boroujerdi).

The result of this movie was winning 7 Simorgh awards and an honorary diploma at the 41st Fajr Film Festival. “Gharib” was a product of Oj Media Art Organization and one of the films of the 41st Fajr Festival competition, which narrated a part of the life of Martyr Mohammad Boroujerdi. In the summary of the story of “Gharib”, it is stated: In 1358, with the rise of differences between armed political groups, including Komleh and Demraktar and… Martyr Mohammad Boroujerdi, along with a few of his comrades, went to the west of the country to organize the situation and take care of the people’s conditions. The unsettled situation and escalation of divisions made the situation more complicated for the young commander of the western region. Only one spark was enough for the explosion.

From the very beginning, it was expected that due to the reception of the movie “Alien” and due to the discussion that the priority of the screening in 1402 is with the films that were shown in the 41st Fajr Film Festival; Let’s see the name of this movie in the Nowrozi screening list and the result went as expected. According to the announcement of Rohollah Sohrabi, Director General of the Department of Supervision of Supply and Exhibition of the Cinema Organization, regarding the Nowrozi screening, the films “Gareeb”, “Meeting with the Witch”, “Fasil” and “The Bride of Angel Street” were registered as Nowruz films in the Screen Trade Union Council, and their nationwide screening will begin on March 24.

The difference between this year’s Nowruz screening and other years

Every year, when there is a talk about Nowruz screening, hope surges in the eyes of moviegoers. Days are closed and people are looking for entertainment, But the problem that has plagued the cinema in these few years is that the eyes of moviegoers do not shine with hope, nor do people choose cinema as their entertainment. Nowruz with the month of Ramadan is the reason that probably fewer audiences go to the cinema.

Experience has shown that fewer people go to the cinema during the month of Ramadan, and for this reason, every year, cinema officials think of new measures to deal with this issue. Shabana in the month of Ramadan with the concept that cinemas will be open at night as well. Probably, due to the simultaneous Ramadan and Nowruz, this will happen this year as well, so that cinemas and cinema owners have a good experience of the simultaneity of this issue.

Ruhollah Sohrabi, referring to the simultaneity of Nowruz and Ramadan, said: “Due to the coincidence of Nowruz 1402 with Eid al-Fitr, the conditions for the release of Nowruz are different from previous years, and the desire of some authors to release them at the same time as Eid al-Fitr, the arrangement of films and compliance with diversity The theme and content of the works made it a little difficult, and with the cooperation of the film producers and broadcasters and the trade union council, the arrangement of the works was done in a suitable way for Nowruz screening.

The combination of movies that is variable

One of the points mentioned in the screening is the variability of the films, and the good thing about the films that were introduced as Nowruz screenings this year is that diversity has been observed.

Referring to this diversity, Sohrabi said: “It is expected that by combining films in different genres such as holy defense, social and comedy during the days of Nowruz and of course the days of the holy month and especially the nights of this holy month, we will see more prosperity in cinemas and the reception of the audience.” »

The Director General of the Cinema Organization’s Film Screening and Distribution Office stated that the atmosphere of Nowruz screening should be such that different sections of people can find their desired work in it and said: “A limited number of current films on the screen, which include works with The themes are social, children and teenagers and comedy, if they maintain their sales floor, they will be on the screen until Eid al-Fitr, so that the color scheme of the Nowruz screening will be observed as much as possible.”

Worried about the price of cinema tickets and the problem that was solved

Apart from the type of movies to be screened and its variety, one of the most important concerns of the people and even the people of the cinema was determining the price of the cinema ticket next year. the price of each ticket should be something around 300 to 400 thousand tomans, and on the other hand, the budget and financial capacity of the people do not reach the same ticket price of 45 thousand tomans for first-class cinemas, and of course, the experience of floating cinema ticket prices in the summer of 1401 showed that apart from the quality of movies One of the reasons why people go to the cinemas is the ticket price. For this reason, one of the best plans presented this year was the floating ticket price.

Ruhollah Sohrabi, Director General of the Cinema Organization’s Film Distribution and Screening Office, announcing the floating of cinema ticket prices, said: “After considering the proposal of the theater union council regarding the increase in cinema ticket prices, the Cinema Organization aims to simultaneously support the prosperity of cinema and strengthen reception The audience agreed to the permanent and purposeful floating of the cinema ticket price in 1402.

He continued: “In this way, the price of the cinema ticket in the new year will be determined and made available to the applicant based on the quality level, the geographical location of the cinema hall, and different screenings. »

According to him; In this resolution, the ceiling of the ticket price is 60 thousand tomans for modern cinemas such as Kurosh, Iran Mall, Farhang, Charso, Sabamal, etc., but of course, a much higher percentage of theaters and theaters with lower figures, i.e. up to 20 thousand tomans The sale arrives.

Sohrabi stated that this form of financial management of the screening was designed and formulated with two main goals supporting the production and prosperity of the screening as well as considering the livelihood of the people so that the cultural basket is not empty, and with this strategy, the majority of the audience can access the tickets. They will have cheap prices for different screenings and no section of society will be deprived of seeing the works on the screen due to the economic situation.

Nowruz screening in the last two years

The total number of movies that were part of Nowruz 1400 screenings are 5 movies named “Be a person once a Week” directed by Shahram Shahhosseini with a sale of 364 million tomans, “Khorshid” directed by Majid Majidi with a sale of 307 million tomans, “Takkhal” directed by Majid Mafi With the sale of 237 million Tomans, “Bled” directed by Masoud Kimiaei with the sale of 70 million Tomans and “Lale” directed by Asadollah Niknejad with the sale of 24 million Tomans, in total 1 billion Tomans sales with 42 thousand and 303 audiences.

In 1401, it was expected that there would be better total sales for the cinema, but it did not happen, which of course was not far from the mind. 5 movies named “Spider” directed by Ebrahim Irajzad, “Red Rectangle” directed by Hassan and Hossein Saidkhani, “Anteater” directed by Shahid Ahmadlou, “Sing a romantic song to Me” directed by Mehrdad Ghafarzadeh, “Silver Man” directed by Mohammad Hossein Latifi totaled 880 million Tomans and the total audience was 23 thousand 875 people.

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