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The producer plays an important role in the cinema, theater, radio and television industry. Your main work as a producer is related to the practical and commercial part of the project, and you are responsible for preparing the tools and conditions required by the director and actors, and the director and actors deal with the creative and artistic aspects. from work

In cinema, the financing of the project is the responsibility of the producer, but in television, programs are usually made to order, and financing is not one of the main duties of the producer. As a producer, you have to manage the production process from start to finish and organize all the necessary resources.

In Wikipedia (the free world encyclopedia), the definition of producer states the following:


He continued: The producer of the film is the one who provides the conditions for making the film, the producer is responsible for arranging, coordinating, handling and controlling tasks such as collecting the required money, employing key people and such tasks. The producer is in charge of all the steps. The process of filmmaking and programming plays a role in the development and completion of the project.

In the process of radio and television programming, unlike film and television production, where the important task of forming the form and structure of the film basically relies on the knowledge and creativity of the director, the producer has the biggest role. .

Also, in the definition of animation producer provided by Zagros Film Company, this role is defined as follows:

“An animation producer is a person who is responsible for the production of an animated series, series or film. He is usually the liaison between the studio or the project’s commissioning department and other agents and artists who are responsible for the production of the animation. He is responsible for communicating between They are also responsible for correcting and filtering ideas. The producer must manage the financial costs of the project in such a way that he can satisfy the investors and also assure them that his artists and animators have the necessary conditions. They have the ability to produce a movie or series with good quality and finally they can finish the project.

Your working hours as a producer are usually long and irregular depending on the type of project. Freelance and contract work is very common in this job. Your workplace is usually in offices and sometimes you have to go to studios and project sites.

Duties of the producer

Depending on the area in which you are responsible for purchasing, your duties will be slightly different. Production in theater, television, cinema, and radio has many similarities and of course differences.

Below are the most important duties of a producer:

Deciding to produce or produce a program based on your own idea
Reading the script and making decisions and planning on it
Financing the project or finding an investor
Exchange of programs made with television and radio stations
Evaluating the required resources in order to provide the tools, money and facilities needed at the desired time


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