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Why is the art of cinema considered the art of the 20th century? Why is this field of art so wide and desirable? Art that is new and very dependent on the aspects of science and technology is deposited among other branches of art, and in other words, other arts can be seen in it. Be with us to tell you everything about the art of cinema
The Art of Cinema

The art of cinema is actually one of the most extensive and important types of art. This field is called art, so it has a sacred threshold. We are all familiar with cinema in some way. We all want and want in life
On the other hand, Hitchcock says, I feel that cinema will die! We enter this art and serve it. As soon as we watch movies and series, go to the cinema, or see the theater, it makes us appear as a viewer. The viewer is considered a part of the art of cinema. An art that is extremely powerful. As much as Lenin said: If the cinema is with us and all the armies of the world are against us, we will win in the end. This shows the importance and influence of cinema. Stay with us to have a complete overview of the art of cinema.


History of cinema art

Among the seven arts, the art of cinema is the last and the seventh. As you know, the seven arts are theater, painting, sculpture, architecture, music, dance and cinema. In the meantime, the art of cinema is becoming wider and more inclusive day by day. It contributes to other arts and covers cultural and border areas. The date of the invention of cinema goes back to 1895.

When the Lumiere brothers played an important role in creating this art. Of course, these two were not the only ones who played a role in creating the art of cinema. Since technology, negative science, the emergence of cameras, and the art of photography, etc., have affected the art of cinema, therefore, it is not possible to say a specific person and a decisive time for the emergence of this art.

But the Lumiere brothers made dozens of short films. These videos were taken from one view and there was no cutting or joining in them. Among the first short films that were made in the world are “Train Arriving at the Station” (this film is considered the first human-made film), “The Boat Leaves the Anchor”, “Eating Child” and “Workers”. Cited. Departure, a departure from the factory” noted: Another person who had a great influence on the evolution of cinema after the Lumiere brothers were Georges Mehlis, his view of cinema was more theatrical, and his work was such that he used different scenes. It was filmed and finally connected. Finally, Edwin S. Porter showed the art of cinema as we know it today by making The Great Train Robbery.

Everything about the art of cinema

Cinema is considered a medium that relies on technology. Today, cinema is also known as the cinema industry and is considered one of the economic foundations of any country. In addition, Hollywood makes the best-selling movies with very advanced technologies and is considered an economic pole for itself. The work that comes out of the cinema is called a film. In fact, cinema consists of images and sound. Many factors go hand in hand in making a movie. As you know if Philly runs out and looks at the final list. The most important of these factors are screenwriters, directors, actors, editors, cinematographers, producers, etc. Did you know that the 21st Shahrivar has been introduced as Cinema Day in Iran?

Among the seven arts, cinema is the newest of them. This is a nascent art; maybe twenty years ago, its quality was not the same as today. In the meantime, the advancement of technology has had a great impact on this field. Designing virtual environments and final renderings with special software is one of these cases. This feature is called the miracle of cinema.

Cinema structure

Cinema was not like this from the beginning with the title of cinema art. At the beginning of cinema, it was an industrial phenomenon. During the years of World War I, it was seen as a show and entertainment device. Later, its artistic capabilities were discovered. So that Riccioto Canudo, the Italian theorist, called it the “seventh art”. Because he believed that other arts could be seen in cinema.

The word cinema means moving and recording movements. This phenomenon of recording the movement of images was, of course, the result of the advancement of the technology of photographic tools. It can be safely said that no art has been able to spread and influence the audience’s thoughts as much as cinema. You may spend a long time without music, you may not experience painting at all, but you will inevitably experience cinema and its products.


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