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Television advertising is one of the most comprehensive advertisements for various businesses and brands. Television has been the first and preferably the most popular place to display advertisements. The history of advertising on television dates back to 1941. Where Watch Bova ran a commercial for 20 seconds before the start of a baseball game in America.

what about television commercials today?

Today, television ads are one of the most effective ads. This effect can transform a business in terms of sales. Television audiences are very large, and on famous channels and among popular programs, an advertisement can be shown to more than 50% of the people of a country. Advertisements on TV have a significant impact on customer behavior due to effective communication with the audience and better transmission of the advertising message. Television advertising is useful and practical for any business that wants to open a place in the heart of the audience.

Feature of professional TV commercials

1- Creativity and creativity!

A lot of graphic and visual elements have been used in making advertising teasers. These elements are combined to create an idea to convey the advertising message to the audience and create an advertising teaser. The more creative we are in the idea, the use of elements, and the boldness of the advertising message, the better the result will be.

2- Validity of advertisement

TV is a reliable medium! When a company advertises on TV. It is valid in itself because of the situation in which it is advertised.

This credit helps to surpass competitors and attract more audiences. Therefore, the bigger a media is, the more credibility it gets from the audience.

3- Attention to the audience

Paying attention to the type of audience in advertising is very important. TV ads get more exposure because of the flood of the audience, but to increase the number of customers, you have to

There must be a pure idea in advertising! This pure thought is to pay attention to the target audience that the advertisement is made to attract.

4- Targeting

Advertising messages should include targeted advertising. Targeted advertising means creating an idea, plan, and execution to convey the advertising message to a certain segment of society.

5- Efficiency

The most important part is visiting ads. Effectiveness is good when we present a lasting ad in the audience’s mind.

6- Extent

Television advertising is not as limited as billboards or other advertising methods. Everyone who manages to get the frequency of the TV channel can see your ads and that’s great!

7- Increase in sales

The more you advertise, the more you will be seen and the more you will be seen, the more you will sell. Television advertising is one of the best ways to increase sales and customers.
Napoleon says: If you want to enchant the crowd, talk with their eyes. TV is the magic lamp for your business!


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The general framework of television advertising

  • In TV commercials, the image comes first. Sound and text make the image more effective.
  • The first five seconds of any TV ad determine the success or failure of that ad.
  • In the advertisement, the focus should be on the subject.
  • The minimum suitable time for radio and television teasers is 10 to 15 seconds, and depending on the topic and attractiveness of the ad, the ad can be displayed for up to one minute.
  • To find out if you have a good teaser or not, watch it without sound!
  • Preferably, if you don’t have a financial problem in each series of this type of advertising campaign, focus on only one product feature.


Brief golden tips to glue the viewer to the TV

Your brand name or brand name: The brand name must be mentioned in the ad! But not much. Maximum 4 times!

Product packaging: If you sell a product, be sure to display its packaging in the ad.

The actual plan of using the product: Use the scenes where people use the product in making your advertising teaser.

Show the brand logo: Use your logo to register the brand in the minds of the audience. It is recommended to use advertising slogans along with the logo.

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