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An effective advertisement should first attract the attention of the audience and then make them interested in the product.
Then increase his desire to pursue the matter
And finally, this effective advertisement will sell the desired product, service, or idea.
In making an effective advertisement, the following five basic and inseparable principles should be considered: چندین اصول مهم برای ساخت و تولید آگهی تبلیغاتی موثر و ماندگار

1) The first principle: suitable design and idea

A good ad should have a suitable design;
This design can be photos, drawings, or printed letters
which is used as graphic elements.
Always keep the following points in mind when choosing the right plan:

▪ Use simple designs. Using a single artistic element has the greatest impact.
Especially in small ads where space is more valuable.

▪ Leave the description of the photo under the image so that the audience knows what to look for.

▪ Include the audience’s wishes and demands in the plan.

▪ Before and after the photos, use other elements other than words and text so that the photo and design show themselves better.

▪ Using the product image in the ad usually has a greater effect on its sales

. چند

ین اصول مهم برای ساخت و تولید آگهی تبلیغاتی موثر و ماندگار
▪ If you don’t have a designer and graphic artist, you can use scenes, shadows, and appropriate tools.

2) The second principle: suitable and useful title (impressive)

The second principle in creating an ad is choosing the right title.
You should choose the appropriate and useful beam for your ad
To catch the attention and interest of the readers like a hunter.
In choosing the appropriate and useful headline and subtitle for your ad, observe the following:

▪ The idea and content of the headline should provide news about the new product to the audience
Or increase his demand and sense of curiosity.

▪ To attract the attention of the audience, you must provoke them with the headline.
Be creative and you can even joke with him in the headline.

▪ Use the headline as a warning and attract the audience’s attention.

ندین اصول مهم برای ساخت و تولید آگهی تبلیغاتی موثر و ماندگار

▪ Use trailing headings, second headings, or subheadings.

These headlines will act as a bridge that connects the consumer’s thoughts and interest to the product.

شرکت تبلیغاتی برتر ایران

3) The third principle: advertising and marking in the text of the ad

The third basic principle in creating an ad is “advertising in the text of the ad”.
In order for this basic principle to be included in the advertisement, the following points should be considered:

Introducing and supporting the features that the product claims to have.

▪ Expose the positive benefits of your product. several

Provide evidence and reasons for the features that your product claims to have.

▪ When you have a difficult and complex text to present to the audience, don’t be afraid of its length.

▪ Your documents must be convincing and memorable.

▪ Let your audience know why they need the product you are promoting.

4) The fourth principle: creating stimulation for the audience to buy

The fourth principle in making a good ad is “stimulating the audience to buy”;
In our ad, we should stimulate the audience to buy.
For this purpose, we can do the following.

▪ We must act in such a way that the target audience shows a specific behavior towards the purpose of the ad;
The surest way to get someone to do this is
Ask him to do it.

Note that when you prompt or request a behavior,
You must also provide motivation and stimulus for it;
For example, set a time limit or set a reward for that particular task and behavior
Or announce an exceptional price for that particular item.

▪ In order to make the person perform the desired behavior,
You must use both the rational and emotional needs of the audience.

▪ One of the other ways to stimulate the audience to buy goods,
Presenting a summary of the idea and thought accepted by the advertiser in the desired ad.
The final idea should contain all the necessary information for the readers
to get to work; such as store details, working hours, date, etc.

▪ Never end the article with a weak induction.


ن اصول مهم برای ساخت و تولید آگهی تبلیغاتی موثر و ماندگار
▪ Provide a coupon for mail-order merchandise. Do not forget that it is necessary
Always specify an expiration date for the mentioned coupon.

5) The fifth principle: Specifications and brand name

The fifth basic principle in making a good ad is,
“Commercial specifications or the registered name of your brand” is included in the advertisement.
To do this basic principle as well as possible, pay attention to the following points:

▪ Provide the brand name, address, telephone, working hours, and instructions for using the product.

▪ Use the institution’s trademark or registered brand name.

Avoid using the brand name of the product as a headline or as the main and dominant part of the design.