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What are the characteristics of the title and headline of the best-selling ads?

Below are eight titles that have been tested many times and have led to the sale of billions of dollars in goods and services.
Study them carefully, apply them and then try to create your own unique method and suitable idea. . انتخاب عنوان آگهی تبلیغاتی و تاثیرات آن بر فروش

1- Direct titles
2- Mediated title
3- News
4 – How
5 – Question
6- Imperative titles
7- Exciting titles
8- The title of the certificate

1- Direct titles

These headlines directly make the sales pitch without using wordplay, hidden meanings, and irony and puns:

“Pure Silk Blouse – 30% Off” This ad will speak directly to you.

Many retailers use newspaper ads to promote their products and speak directly to customers, encouraging them to enter their store.

2- Mediated title

“intermediary title” does not apply its meaning explicitly.

This action arouses curiosity and the reader finds his answers in the text of the ad.

The advertisement of an industrial mixer states:

Ten million to one, we can mix it up.

At first this sentence will puzzle you, but after reading the text you will realize that “ten million to one” refers to the power of the mixer, which is able to mix two liquids, one of which is ten times its concentration. Other.

This title has two meanings and you should read the text.

3- News

If you have news about your product, you should mention it in your title.

These news items can promise the reader a new product offering or improvements that are considered a “state of the art” or “a new use for an old product.”

Pay attention to the examples and models of the following companies:

– Apple Inc. “New models of portable computers are worth picking up.”

– Norway Lines – America “Finally, a Caribbean cruise as good as promised in the brochure.”

The title of Norwegian-American Lines, in addition to providing news, has a double appeal, because it emphasizes the position of the reader.

We have all heard of brochures that promised us so many things that none of them came true during our trip.
We are disappointed.

These lines are welcomed by the people by emphasizing the reality that is accepted by the people.

4 – How

The word “how” in advertising headlines, magazines, articles and book titles plays the role of a real miracle.

More than 7000 copies of this book are sold.

Many writers claim that if you start your title with this word, you will choose other words correctly.
Maybe they are right.

How-to titles promise comprehensive and accurate information, proper guidance and solutions to your problems.
How to turn a simple party into a celebration?

“How to write faster and better?”

“How to quit smoking in 30 days?…or get your money back”

Whenever I can’t think of a suitable title, I resort to how and what it means.
It is usually an interesting and appropriate title that we use to replace it with a better title.

5 – Question

The question that is asked in the title of an advertisement,
From the point of view of a reader, it should be a decisive and serious question, it should arouse his curiosity to the extent of searching for this question in the text of the ad.
Pay attention to these examples:

ـ Pilot company life insurance

“When an employee gets sick, how long does it take for your company to compensate for his lack?”

انتخاب عنوان آگهی تبلیغاتی و تاثیرات آن بر فروش 

ـ Gorman-Rapp pumps

“Are your pumps producing more than they need to when operating?”

ـ From one of the sales posts of today’s psychology magazine

“Do you even close the bathroom door when you’re home alone?”

انتخاب عنوان آگهی تبلیغاتی و تاثیرات آن بر فروش 

ـ Bigelow carpet

Have you encountered one of these home decoration problems?
The question asked in the title should always arouse the reader’s curiosity, personal interest and need, not the advertiser’s.
Read an example like this:

“Do you know that XYZ Company,

What are you doing these days? The reader’s answer is:
“What does it have to do with me!” and turns the page


6- Imperative titles

Instructional headlines that show your audience how to do something increase sales.

Here, pay attention to some command headings:
“Put a leopard in the trunk of your car.” Gasoline
Pursue high goals. Reach new horizons.”

Air force recruitment advertisement

Note that the first word in the imperative title should be in the form of an imperative and stimulating verb that immediately makes the reader move.

HBA کانون تبلیغاتی

7- Exciting titles for consumers

One of the simple and effective ways to write ad text is to list product features.

If you write your ad this way, you can use a self-explanatory title to introduce your listing. Examples of these are:

انتخاب عنوان آگهی تبلیغاتی و تاثیرات آن بر فروش 

“Seven Reasons to Join the Aeronautics and Astronautics Organization”.

or “From 120 to 4,000 different reasons why you should buy your fur coat in the next four days?”
Such titles do not need the phrase “why”.

Other introductory expressions such as “6 ways” or “7 steps” or “this” method of doing…” are responsible for conveying this message.

8- The title of the certificate

In affiliate advertising, your customers do the selling for you.
For example: A previous jackpot winner of a company explains to you how this good fortune happened. انتخاب عنوان آگهی تبلیغاتی و تاثیرات آن بر فروش 

This method is effective because it provides reasons that show the customer’s satisfaction with the company.

In such ads that are printed in newspapers and magazines, the text of the ad is written in the customer’s own language.
Usually his photo is accompanied by text.

Quotation marks or quotation marks that are on both sides of the title or ad text indicate the product quality certificate from a third party.

When writing such advertisements, use the customer’s own words as much as possible and do not modify his speech.
A natural and simple tone adds credibility.


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