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Advertising laws in marketing


1- There is no universal law or formula for advertising.
with the difference that advertising plays an essential role.

قوانین تبلیغات در مارکتینگ و بازاریابی

2- Propaganda, like thinking, is a secondary human nature.

3- Advertising is the intelligent instinctive response of humans or brands
In a highly competitive environment, it is essential to have a niche or expand yourself.

4- Marketing needs an approach to pay attention to the need in sales.
The most important and main topic of marketing is customer satisfaction.

5- The marketer looks at the product from the customer’s point of view, while the seller looks at the customer from the product’s point of view.

Advertising laws in marketing

6- In addition to paying attention to the competitive quality of the product, marketing also pays a lot of attention to the customs and traditions of customers.
This basically means paying more attention to the needs and expectations of customers than competitors.

7- The main core of marketing is actually the goal of marketing efforts
which seeks to maintain a stable market share
that makes the brand and product last longer.

8- Gaining market share is pursued until it makes sense to the business
Market share is a means, sustainable profit is the bottom line.

Advertising laws in marketing

9- Sustained success of marketing requires synergy and cooperation of the combined elements of marketing as an executive team.

10- The success of advertising alone has no meaning unless this success takes place in the field of marketing, which is advertising as a whole
Marketing and sales will be three inseparable elements.

11- In today’s world, marketing is not about goods, but about ((brands)).
Marketing is not about selling products, but about meeting the needs of customers.

12- Customers are defined by their brand, not products.
13- A brand is a product that plays an important role in a customer’s life
This role is fulfilled by satisfying and fulfilling the needs of the customers of the brand.
Needs that are both emotional and practical.

Advertising laws in marketing

14- Brand is a set of benefits that include:

Benefits – values – personality traits – images – perceptions – group affiliations and consumer experiences with goods or services.

15- The brand not only highlights the goods/services but also pays attention to the person who mentions or consumes it.

قوانین تبلیغات در مارکتینگ و بازاریابی

16- Because the difference between product-oriented brands is very important.
People are increasingly switching between brands
Images – Features and perceived quality differences between brands.

17- Successful and strong brands improve their physical condition
For this reason, they establish a deep connection with consumers and survive.

Advertising laws in marketing

18- A strong brand is based on customer loyalty. Brand loyalty allows the brand to use profits as a right.
And it ensures the survival of the market share and long-term profits of the company.

قوانین تبلیغات در مارکتینگ و بازاریابی

19- Brand loyalty is not created overnight, but gradually over many years.
Brand loyalty is like two marathons without shortcuts.

20- A strong brand remains in the minds of customers due to having a distinctive image or word.

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21- The strongest brand fulfills different needs instead of fulfilling customer needs in a different way.

22- Strong brands do not maintain their relationship with customers for the sake of guarantee
Rather, they do very focused advertising to stay as ((the first brand)).

23- Brands that stick to their promises and have values, images, and definitions.
Continuity – Quality leaders have their own desired ads and are usually the strongest in their industry.

Advertising laws in marketing

24- Strong brands develop and excel with the changing needs and demands of customers.

25- Advertising is part of the solution to marketing problems.

26- Advertising only means solving marketing problems and is not the solution alone.

27- The ability of advertising to change the product to the brand in the minds of customers is vital
To be able to communicate with customers and continue this relationship.

28. Effective advertising is often more about knowing what needs to be done than doing it in a clear way.

29- The basis of advertising is that the goal of every advertising effort is to create an advantage for the brand.

Advertising laws in marketing

30- Advertising can create an advantage for the brand when it encourages customers by creating awareness.

31- Most of the time, the main motivation of customers to buy a product or brand,
It comes from people’s responses to satisfy their needs or wants.

32 – Contrary to needs – human desires are easily and effectively fulfilled through advertising.
This is because the demands are external
While needs are internal – wants are expressions of our needs and cannot be denied.

33-Advertising indirectly affects the purchase of the brand by changing the wishes and needs of the customers.

34- The basis of advertising of today’s world brands is to transform customer needs into demands.

35- The higher levels of needs and desires express the unique personality of a person and himself, the effect of which is no more than the effect of choosing a brand.

36- The chosen brand is often a (reflection) of people’s own image.

The challenge to advertise

37- The biggest challenge for promoting the brand is maintaining its position due to changing needs and demands of customers.
Maintaining a relationship and being first both require growth.

38- Advertising is very effective when it focuses on the wants and needs of customers.

39- Making the brand acceptable is the most important creative and qualitative work and brand awareness is the quantitative and media task of advertising.

40- A head count helps to know some of the target audience and their background so that we can get to know them easily.

41 – Psychoanalysis – provides an understanding of the target audience so that we can discover and describe their basic needs and desires.


42- Consumerism helps to understand the attitude of customers towards products and brands.
This method determines the expectations and experiences of customers about the product and the brand.

43- Insights from consumers not only develop persuasive advertising but also empower advertisers.

44- Insight is basically the expression of customers’ experiences of the product or goods. Insights are not created, but already present in the consumer’s life.

45- Insight is the real and personal experience of the consumer that is related to the product.

46- Consumers react to advertisements individually and advertisements must speak to people individually.

47 – Common sense or known stereotypical information of consumers –
Not Insight – Insight is today’s hidden information and tomorrow’s discovery, often masquerading as common sense.


Advertising laws in marketing

48- Discovering insight requires finding the real reasons behind the scenes of events that people generally hide from themselves.

49- Real reasons and insight about the product or brand, often in work that benefits people.
It is done and not in the things that are done for people.

50- Just knowing the insight is not enough, it is very important to use it in advertising.
Advertising that vividly and reliably brings experiences to life in the minds of customers.

51- People receive information selectively and see only that thing
That they want to see, not what they are told.

52- People instinctively choose shortcut solutions to evaluate and choose their satisfaction, not optimal solutions.

53- Customers rarely make rational or irrational decisions, they only make decisions that have a reason.

Attractiveness of advertising

54- Based on the attractiveness of advertising, it can be logical and reason-based to create brand superiority or emotionally based on feelings or emotions.

55- The approach of strategic advertising in general – arises from two modes, an approach that differs fundamentally in the amount of use of reason or emotions.

56- The emotional approach of advertising has stronger benefits for customers
And any type of advertising that focuses on product features and appeals to customers’ emotional resources.
A slow focus has a deeper impact than an ad that emphasizes the product’s appeal.

57- A great idea acts like a magnet and attracts all the attention of customers.
This inspires their collaboration and engagement with both advertising and branding.

Advertising laws in marketing

58- A great idea revives brand memories in an attractive and promising way in the minds of customers.
When clients see the image of their dreams, it’s like looking into a magic mirror.

59- The success of any advertisement depends on its effectiveness in convincing customers
Not in creativity – creativity in advertising is the only concept and meaning
It’s not the end – only advertising can do its best with creativity.

60. Creating effective advertising often requires thinking about the most interesting thing to say to the customer and then expressing it in the most interesting way.

61- Effective advertising always leaves important and lasting effects.

62- If creating an ad is one of the quality duties of advertising.
Therefore, bringing advertisements to people’s homes in a visible and intuitive way is the qualitative task of advertising.

Media planning

63- The most important task of the media planning process,
Providing advertisements to the target audience in a visible, effective, and affordable way.

64- If advertising about the brand is very important,
Therefore, the goal of the media should be to distribute information about traction in the best possible way.
If persuasion is the brand’s goal, then the focus should be on repeat sales and promotion.

65- This is a principle that the goal of any media program
Achieving the optimal combination of tension and repetition with an effective cost and an acceptable and intuitive method.
Funds have been allocated.

66- Optimizing, stretching, and repeating requires an appropriate and desirable amount of advertising effectiveness.

67 – Obtaining the effect of the amount of advertising alone – the necessity of the effect –
The correlation between advertising exposure is about the brand name (share of voice) and market share.
Although the persuasive power of advertising can change the balance for better or worse.

Advertising laws in marketing

68- Optimizing voice share and market share requires the numerical value of advertising effectiveness.

69- The variety of media has made it possible for planners to reach the target audience at the cost of the desired segment.
But this possibility has made access to the masses more expensive.

70- Variety of media – the possibility of understanding the media habits of the target audience has made it as important as understanding the buying habits of customers.

71- Buying and asking enthusiastically for in-store advertising, and promotion is an important part of a brand’s advertising program that is created.

Direct marketing

72- Direct marketing plays a role as a tool to build customer relationships and brand loyalty for direct sales.

73- The ability of direct marketing in targeted and selected customers up to the individual level.
It can serve as exclusive promotional and loyalty programs for specific segments, such as select groups.


وانین تبلیغات در مارکتینگ و بازاریابی

74- The success of electronic marketing depends a lot on its compliance
Persuasion and virtual sales experiences with the physical shopping experience.

75- The Internet as a means of interaction is very similar to the emergence of large media and better than them in advertising.

76- The approach of brand advertising on the Internet may play the role of supporting the media in the best way in the future.

Global brands

77- For global brands, maintaining standard levels and stability of main brand values
And it is very difficult to define it in different countries.
Everything else, like advertising, needs to be studied and adapted to local issues.

قوانین تبلیغات در مارکتینگ و بازاریابی

78- Before introducing a product or advertisement from one country to another, a variety of transferable cultural assumptions must be tested through consumer research.

79- A lot of money is spent on advertising, so it is very important to direct advertising research toward tracking the product and its effectiveness.

80- Advertising research is different from customer research.
Because the first case is only about testing and measuring the level of advertising interaction and its effectiveness on the target audience.

Advertising laws in marketing

81- In both consumer research and advertising research,
Research results are often just signs and symptoms, not universal truths.

82- Advertising and branding are more of an investment for future sales
On the contrary, sales promotion has the most direct and immediate effect on sales.


83. Marketers are often tempted to use sales promotion as a middle ground to maximize immediate sales.
But sales promotion stimulates sales in the short term.
In the long run, these destroy customer loyalty. Advertising laws in marketing

84- Very long and frequent use of high-end sales as a substitute for brand advertising.
This will have a detrimental effect on long-term profits and brand sustainability.

85- Marketers often use commercial advertising to attract the brand inside the shop along with advertising and sales promotion
They are used to attract customers to the shop.

86- If customer rights are applied in the style of sales promotion, brand advertising, and sales promotion will not be separated.
The definition and values of the brand will be maintained.
Therefore, sales promotion can lead to strengthening the brand image and its loyalty.

marketing effort

87 – Marketing effort – creating an optimal combination of attraction and repulsion to maximize sales continuously and as much as possible. ق

وانین تبلیغات در مارکتینگ و بازاریابی
88- The real world of advertising agencies is not glamorous and attractive
Rather, it is very hard and exhausting work with limited time.

Advertising laws in marketing

89- Structured and planned activity does not seem different
Adapt to the human creative process that makes advertising agencies a stressful and exciting world.

90- Creative ideas are the final products of advertising agencies that the agencies market and sell.
What really sets one agency apart from another is the quality of the creative idea.


Advertising agencies

91- Advertising agencies are expected to have a product in advertising like a factory
Standard ideas and advertisements are the main components of the thought collection.

92- Agencies change from a cluster to talented advertising agencies and creative and talented organizations.
Of course, if they have ideas and creativity.

93- The strategy of the agency and not the people is the source of creativity of the agency.


تبلیغات در مارکتینگ و بازاریابی

94- Briefing is the most vital work process of an agency.
The brief directs the agency to a complementary sub-program for advertising and creativity.

95 – A summary of consumers is not a summary of advertising – a summary of consumers is obtained from a marketing approach.
– It is necessary to change the approach of customers in the same way.

Advertising laws in marketing

96- Advertising planning and its implementation should be focused on the brand or target customers, not general customers. قوا

نین تبلیغات در مارکتینگ و بازاریابی

97- The goal is not to sell advertising to customers, but to get them to buy advertising because advertising persuades customers.

98- Marketers and missionaries should be sensitive to what bothers customers
– They cannot give suggestions that destroy the profits of customers.

99- Self-regulation of marketers and missionaries is the best way to take care of the customer’s profit.
that marketers must be fully trained.

100- All efforts to control advertisements, whether self-regulation or popular mechanism
It is guided by principles that are accepted in cultures and societies.

Definition of advertising companies