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The GPS navigation system in Helishot

Other features of helicopters or quadcopters include their navigation and positioning systems, which play an important role in controlling and identifying a better position to capture more accurate images. For example, you take photos in mountainous areas with good visibility. You don’t have a heli-shot of your surroundings and your bird. In some cases, the positioning system or GPS of the quadcopter will help you a lot so that you can have a complete view of your position with the heli shot and the imaging area. One of the applications of the quadcopter positioning system that is provided to the user is the return home system that can be used in DJI products so that the user can immediately return to his original position as soon as he gives this command to the flying system. This system is very suitable and efficient for beginner users.

Shooting at night with helicopter fire

Another advanced and efficient feature of the quadcopters in the market is imaging at night, which is very important because aerial imaging or any other type of imaging is not limited to night and depends on the employer’s request. In short and without any complications, it can be said that aerial photography at night can be done and recorded without quality loss and with the highest image level.

Maximum range in heli shooting

This feature is different in different quadcopters depending on the device model. This parameter ranges from 2 to 7 kilometers and 200 to 500 meters in height. For example, in helishots with a power of more than two, the parameters are more limited, one of the reasons for which is the amount of current consumed by the battery, so that the more powerful quadcopter consumes more energy from the battery. , and this action happens faster, as a result to land or returning to the place of flight. It should not travel a long distance, that is, it should be closer to avoid possible accidents for the bird.

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