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stan Lee is a simple and straightforward documentary about the creator of comic book characters. A show that came out of many ideas. Stay with Dejavo by reviewing this documentary.

Documentary films can be seen as works beyond fiction films. Movies that bring special experiences to the audience and introduce them to a world they have never seen or understood. A documentary work is made without using any elements of imagination and usual theatrical relationships in cinema, for this reason, this format can be considered the closest cinematic experience to human life. Documentary films are originally made with the purpose of informing, changing the sentiments of societies, dominating policies, turning reality upside down, and bolding a series of specific topics in different genres such as fiction genres.

Documentaries are full of intimacy and familiarity, some of them add to the focus of people’s memories and give their interests a lasting identity. The Stan Lee Project is one of these special documentaries. Now that the world of Marvel and its superheroes has become an integral part of the puzzle of film production companies and cinema markets, it is natural that fans of this particular cinema will visit the world of the creators of these superhero characters with this documentary. A documentary that, considering the interest of a wide range of cinema audiences in the world of superheroes, can be like a trip back to Marvel, but it is not one of those documentaries that can be liked very much.

Stanley Martin Lieber is the author and creator of the Marvel Universe books, who became known after the publication of his first superhero story under the signature of Stan Lee. Now this documentary tries to deal with life and how comic book stories are formed. Stan Lee is an autobiography and biographical work featuring the voice of Stanley Martin accompanied by images from his life and work. The past and a series of events in the life of this character are simulated with stop-motion dummies, and there are a number of real and archival images and videos in this documentary.

Stan Lee is a simple and straightforward documentary, it doesn’t have a very complicated idea and it remains like a report that has been given a little glamor.

This documentary begins when Stan Lee was born. Stan Leiber’s character himself begins to speak as the omniscient, and the film advances the narrative from this character’s point of view. Images from his childhood are shown and the filmmaker recreates his past using dolls.

The life of a man who worked as a pado in a large tailor who has now become a successful businessman and publisher. This documentary has a very happy and lively tone and full of promising plans that only show successes. On the other hand, Lieber’s own original voice has given Stan Lee a lot of appeal. An element that is very visible and important in documentary works. The voice and manner of narration in this format is as effective as the game in fiction works.

Stan Lee is a simple and straightforward documentary, it doesn’t have a very complicated idea and it remains like a report that has been given a little glamor. The entire life of the creator of the comic characters and his creations is summed up in these 90 minutes, so the filmmaker does not have much time to deepen all the events of this narrative. The documentary is as if we are sitting at the feet of Stanley Martin, and he only tells the issues that he wants us to learn from. The project is considered a one-off, as fans of the Marvel universe and comic books know that Jack Kirby and Steve Ditko were Stanley’s collaborators, the people to whom the superheroes of this unusual universe will be indebted, but this documentary does not respect that. He is on the side of these two and tries to champion only Stan Lee and ignore his other teammates.

Stan Lee should be considered a simple and superficial documentary. While watching this work, the audience should not look for the reason behind the creation of his popular superhero characters. As we know, Spider-Man is the most dramatic superhero in the world of comic books and Marvel. Because he did not come out of space, he is not a mature person and he does not enter the story strong and strong from the beginning. Spider-Man is a vulnerable teenager with a fragile state. Believable and digestible characteristics made the audience identify with him and see him in his own world more than other superheroes. These qualities make Spider-Man one of the most fascinating and accessible Marvel characters to date. Based on this, the audience who sees Spider-Man as a special and different character would like to be informed about the stages of his formation, which unfortunately does not happen, and the documentary narrates his story with a passing reference and is rejected.

Stan Lee is like an aimless report to fill in the blanks. Any ideas presented here only work on the surface

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