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What do you know about stop motion?
Have you ever heard of stop motion or live recording?
Maybe the name stop motion is new to you, but this is a technique that you have seen many times in advertisements and on TV!

What is stop motion?

Stop motion (animation) is one of the old ways of making animation, in which designs or objects are photographed in every movement, and at the end, the images are connected.

Stop motion is one of the animation methods in which an object is moved from frame to frame and is photographed.
Usually, in this system, the camera is fixed.
After taking a picture or photography, the images are put together and create movement.

If elements such as dolls and objects, household items, and plants are used in stop motion animation, it is called stop motion, but if stop motion uses real people or models, it is called pixelation.

If you pay attention to some children’s cartoons, for example, the carrier lamb, whose devices are dough dolls, the stop motion technique has been used to make them.
Such stop motions, which use clay or dough to make objects and move, are also called clay animation.
Other stop-motion cartoons include Lego, Pat, and Matt cartoons.

The history of making stop motion

One of the first clay animations was Modeling Extraordinary, which surprised the audience in 1912.
In December 1916, the first episode of Miracles in Flowers was shown.
In the same month, the first female animator, Helena Smith Dayton, began experimenting in the field of animation.
He made his first film based on Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet in 1917. Source (Wikipedia)

Now, 100 years after the start of this technique, stop motion has become very popular, and great filmmakers are making such works.
One of the outstanding works of stop motion is the animation Mary and Max, which was made in 2009 and directed by Adam Elliot.

Making stop-motion videos with Dejavo Production House

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