Dejavu Production House is a creative studio!

Dejavu Studio produces a variety of advertising teasers (real, animation, etc.)
Industrial films, documentaries and …
In Iran and Turkey

Special effects
Video services

Our team

Capitall mohammad zelanvar
Producer and General Manager
Capitall mohammad zelanvar
Producer and General Manager
Capitall morteza niati
Director and director of the studio
Capitall morteza niati
Director and director of the studio

about us

Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, says: Dejavu literally means familiarity or preconception, a state of mind in which a person, after seeing a scene, feels that he has seen that scene before and has encountered it in the past.

being professional
Using experienced and professional agents in order to produce all kinds of advertisements
Transparency in performance and announcement of transparent estimates in all projects

The main members of Dejavo Studio has been working with different brands and partner companies since 1999 in the field of advertising and production of advertising teasers , industrial films , documentaries and etc , the result of which is the production of 1500 Ads in various industries.

The company started working in 2011 with partnership of Mr.Mohammad Zelnavr (producer) and Mr.Morteza Niati (director and manager of Atileh ) with experienced and professional team in the same field of production.

Light composition
Factors influencing the creation of a beautiful and attractive image
Special and special look
Deja Vu Studio's think tank and ideation suitable for any brand to create a suitable ad

The main focus of Dejavo Studio is on on making all kinds of advertising teasers (2D and 3D animation, visual effects, motion graphics, etc.), industrial films, biographical documentaries and .. in various grades in terms of production budget. Ideation, pre-production, production, editing, making various animations or visual effects, color correction, sound, audio sound and visual effects, are just some of the activities of this studio.

Video quality
Use of the most modern filming equipment and ... in all projects
دانش تولید تیزر
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